Discipleship Training Curriculum Used Worldwide Now Freely Available

You signed up for a short-term mission and were asked to lead a Christian women’s conference.

Or maybe, you’re a missionary or church leader who discovered women in need of discipleship training.  


Either way, you need a biblical, simple, reproducible discipleship training curriculum to help make disciples of Jesus.  


That was me 10+ years ago. 


Three weeks before leaving for a mission to South Asia, I received a call to lead a Christian women’s conference.  


After saying “yes,” the discipleship training curriculum was written in 90 minutes—a spiritual download. What we saw when we offered the disciple-making Christian women’s conference caused All In Ministries International to be born. 

Lives changed. Families transformed. Communities reached.

The moment we landed back in the USA, we received an invitation to take the discipleship training to Africa, then Asia. Years later, more than 10,000 believers have been trained in 19 countries.  


Through the years, we’ve learned how to offer discipleship training across cultures with a proven and practical approach covering the essentials of faith.  


We now offer it to you—for free.  


That’s because we are devoted to seeing the whole Body of Christ grow strong in faithand we want nothing to hinder you from “equipping the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph. 4:12).  

Women at the Well on Repeat

Like the Samaritan woman’s response to Jesus (John 4), her life immediately changed, and she brought change to her village. No seminary training. No special certification program. Just an encounter with Jesus that changed lives.


By God’s grace and many prayers, we see this immediate transformation each time we have the privilege to offer a disciple-making Christian women’s conference. Now, it’s your turn. 


Do you desire to see lives changed, broken families restored, and communities transformed by the love and truth of Jesus?  


What if we told you that by investing in women through discipleship training using a scripted, “little prep with no materials required” method, you could see this kind of radical transformation take place—you probably wouldn’t believe us, right? 


What if we also told you that God wants to use you to bring gospel transformation to communities around the globe—and it’s all right here at your fingertips!

Women—An Essential Co-Laborer in Disciple Making Worldwide

At our first-ever Christian women’s conference in South Asia, we unintentionally tapped into a treasure of incredible disciple-making potential—women! 


By God’s grace, we have seen Him use our Women’s Disciple-Making Workshop to radically transform lives worldwide.  Since 2011, more than 10,500 believers have completed our discipleship training—learning how to be and make disciples of Jesus. The testimonies of God’s hand moving in and through the women we’ve trained are astonishing.  

Discipleship Training Curriculum at Work-Ethiopia All In Womens Disciple Making Conference

Just six months after equipping 130 women in Ethiopia, we learned that they had shared the gospel 3,242 times and led 81 people to repentance and faith in Jesus. Incredible! 

One year after hosting our discipleship training for women in Kenya, Bishop Enoch shared a powerful testimony of broken families restored, churches unified, and pastors strengthened, all because the women took everything they learned and put it into action

Play Video about Testimony from Kenya All In Ministries Testimony

(Bonus: Watch this video to hear more of Bishop Enoch’s powerful testimony.)  

In many cultures women are considered to be “keepers of the religion.” When they become Christ-followers, they have an authentic desire to know how to live their faith and pass it on 


Every time we provide discipleship training through our Christian women’s conferences, we see a TRIPLE EFFECT: 

Lives Transformed.
Generations Changed.
Communities Reached.

"We have discovered that when you give a woman value, you give her a voice and she will use it to spread the message of the gospel.”

Discipleship Poverty—A Global Crisis

While women have unlimited potential to impact families and communities for God’s glory, few people strategically invest in women to equip them with discipleship training. 


Pauline, a Christian leader in Kenya, shared, “I thought only pastors were allowed to evangelize and disciple others.” Her statement reveals a common misconception we have heard time and time again, especially in the global South.  


Throughout much of the world, due to cultural restrictions or misinterpreted passages, women are rarely taught about their value as image bearers and ambassadors of Jesus. This leaves women starving for discipleship, desperate to go deeper in their walk with Jesus but not knowing how. This is what we call “discipleship poverty.” 


Think about it—this pervasive lack of discipleship training for women means that at least half of the Body of Christ worldwide isn’t equipped to live out their divine purpose. They are sitting on the sidelines—hesitant and waiting—rather than boldly advancing the gospel as God has designed and entrusted them to do. 


It’s a global crisis. 


A leader of an international missionary agency recently shared with us, “We’re aware that women are often neglected when it comes to training and discipleship—but no one has figured out how to address it.”  

Reaching Women Reaches Families and Nations

By God’s grace, we have discovered a simple solution to this global crisis.  


When you equip women to know God’s story, teach them their part and purpose in it, and then equip them with practical tools to live out their faith—women are transformed, and women impact families and nations, ALL for God’s glory!  


At the end of our workshop in Kenya, Pauline joyfully declared, “Now, I know I can [evangelize and disciple others], and I know how to do it! I will take this back home and share with my family and village.”  


A PRACTICAL approach is what thousands of women have discovered through our discipleship training, and God is using these women for His glory in their families, churches, and communities. 


Now, you are invited to join us in launching a movement of women disciple makers.  

You Can Be Part of the Solution by Equipping Women Worldwide

All In Ministries serving South Asia

Our proven discipleship training curriculum for women is now available for you to useequipping you to equip women worldwide. 


Whether you’re looking for discipleship training curriculum for a short-term mission trip, or teaching material for a Christian women’s conference, All In’s Women’s Disciple-Making Workshop Training Guide is packed full of life-transforming truths from God’s Word to share with women worldwide. 


You can work with God to see lives transformed, with little preparation, and no outside supplies—yes, you can be a trainer! 

Written by Women, for Women

Our Women’s Disciple-Making Workshop is written by women for women, intentionally designed to reach a woman’s heart and help her discover God’s story and her identity and purpose. We have seen God use this workshop for His glory in remarkable ways for more than a decade.  


Our discipleship training curriculum is available for you to use—free of charge*—so that you can join us in launching a movement of women disciple makers. 


Each of the eight sessions provides life-giving truths explained in biblical, simple, and reproducible ways without western examples or supplies.


Sessions include:  

  • God’s Story  
  • Your Part in God’s Story (Identity in Christ) 
  • Your purpose  
  • How to Abide in Christ 
  • How to Study the Bible in Groups 
  • How to Pray  
  • How to Share Jesus through partnering with the Holy Spirit 
  • How to Serve with the Local Church—and more.  

Typically taught with an interpreter as a three-day Christian women’s conference, you can gather women under the shade of a tree, open your Bible, pray, and read from the training script—it’s that simple. You can also divide the sessions into weekly lessons or pull what you need from each lesson into one power-packed day.   

Crossing Cultures?

In addition to the Bible lessons, we also share practical tips and important principles for serving in cross-cultural contexts—a missionary training guide for international discipleship training opportunities. 
Each lesson is designed with translatable statements—you can simply read the short statements working with an interpreter. 
By God’s grace, it really is everything you need to equip women worldwide to be disciples who make disciples.  


Together, let’s raise up an army of women disciple makers (Psalm 68:11), so the whole church discovers they are loved and valued—and equipped to fulfill their divine purpose. 

Be a Trainer

Download our free Women's Disciple-Making Workshop Training Guide today!

*Others “paid it forward” to make this tool freely available to you. If you’re able, please pay it forward, so we can keep providing discipleship tools and serving under-resourced women. If you are interested in using our materials at an organizational level, please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities. 


Discipleship Training Curriculum now available for free—You Can Impact Lives, Generations, & Communities. We Can Help!
Discipleship Training Curriculum now available—You Can Impact Lives, Generations, & Communities.

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