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For over a decade, we have watched women’s lives, families, and communities transform as they are equipped through All In’s Disciple-Making Workshop for women.


Now, you are invited to join us in launching a movement of women disciple makers.


Use our free discipleship training materials to host international Christian women’s conferences.

The Women's Disciple-Making Workshop Training Guide and Curriculum is free discipleship training for you to be a trainer and equip women to be disciple makers of Jesus

Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

All In’s proven Disciple-Making Workshop is available for you to equip women worldwide.

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You can provide international discipleship training by using our free discipleship training materials.


This workshop is written by women to reach a woman’s heart and help her discover God’s story and her identity and purpose.

Each of the eight sessions provides life-giving truths explained in biblical, simple, and reproducible ways without western examples or supplies.  



Typically taught with an interpreter as a three-day Christian women’s conference, you can gather women under the shade of a tree, open your Bible, pray, and read from the training script—it’s that simple. You can also divide the sessions into weekly lessons or pull what you need from each lesson into one power-packed day.  

Both Be a Disciple and
Do the Work of a Disciple

By taking part in this workshop, women will not only learn how to be a disciple of Jesus but also how to make disciples. Faith essentials like how to abide in Jesus daily, lead a Bible study weekly, pray, and share faith are taught using practical steps and group discussion.

Participants leave with immediate ways to deepen their walk with God and live on mission with Him.

We’ve prepared thorough lesson plans with Bible passages to read/listen to, key truths to emphasize, as well as engaging activities and questions. Both oral and literate learners are “equipped to do the works of ministry” (Eph. 4:12).

Crossing Cultures?

In addition to the Bible lessons, we also share practical tips and important principles for serving in cross-cultural contexts—a missionary training guide for international discipleship opportunities.

Each lesson is designed with translatable statements—you can simply read the short statements working with an interpreter.

By God’s grace, it really is everything you need to equip women worldwide to be disciples who make disciples. Let’s raise up an army of women disciple makers (Psalm 68:11), so the whole church discovers they are loved and valued—and equipped to fulfill their divine purpose.

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We ask you to pray and, if you’re able, pay it forward, so we can keep providing free discipleship training resources for under-resourced women.


You’ll have everything you need to equip women worldwide to be disciples who make disciples. God is at work, and He is inviting women just like you to join Him.

Impact Testimony Aster 1 copy 2

"Six months after training, 130 women leaders have presented the gospel 3,242 times with 81 people making first-time decisions for Jesus. We now have 255 women in Bible studies using the provided study Bibles and 70 women are in prayer groups."

Aster Chaka
Ethiopia All In Trainer for All In Ministries International


If you are interested in using our materials at an organizational level, please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.

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If you are interested in using our materials at an organizational level, please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.

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