We train women to change the world by becoming disciple-makers of Jesus.

From the townships of South Africa to the cow-patty floor huts of India to the bustling business districts of East Asia, women are hungry. They are hungry for living water that can satisfy their deepest needs and desires. They are seeking Jesus.

Sadly, many women have no one of whom to ask faith questions. Either there are limited or no discipleship resources available. Or, they are in stale religious contexts where Christianity is considered tradition or obligation. In some cultures, women are not permitted to ask questions of men.

Enter AIM

We come alongside missionaries and churches who are seeking to help women in their walk with the LORD. We establish relationships with the local women leaders (if available) or work with church leaders and missionaries to identify and train up women who can lead women.

We listen and pray. We understand their unique needs (such as ancestry worship in African tribes) to customize teaching that encourages biblically faithful worship and multiplication.

We give women Bibles and/or resources in their heart-language. More than that, we teach them how to study the Bible and use it to share God’s love story in loving ways.

We help them understand who they are in Christ; their purpose to bring Him glory; their mission to make disciples.

We unleash women into their God-designed role in their world and cheer them on in their Hebrews 12 race.

Here is what we don’t do…

We don’t go everywhere.
Given our task to be faithful stewards of the resources God entrusted to us, we go where there is “good soil” (Luke 8). We pray for discernment to go where the soil is good: where women receive God’s word with pure and noble hearts; where women take what they learn and produce a 100-fold harvest. That is where we go. (If that describes your situation and you would like AIM to invest in your local women, click here.)

We don’t create mini-Americans.
So mindful of the culture and needs, we earnestly try to adapt to the local customs as best as possible. We eat the local food, wear the types of clothes the local women wear, we talk, pray, laugh with the local women as much as possible. We adapt. We do not bring in American tradition or ecclesiology. We proclaim Jesus in biblically faithful and theologically sound ways.

We don’t leave and forget.
Our hope and prayer is to train up women to be disciples who make disciples. Sometimes that can be accomplished in one training conference. Oftentimes it takes additional visits. Although we cannot stay in contact with all of the women we train, we aim to remain in contact with women leaders. Using current technology, we offer discipleship remotely. These ongoing relationships not only encourage local women leaders, but also help us to discern whether return trips/training are needed.

We don’t require a lot.
Give us a location with women hungry to learn (a translator, if needed) and we’re ready. From large conference halls and worship centers to small huts and house church settings, AIM conferences can be conducted easily. Sound amplification, meals and childcare are sometimes provided, but not required. Musical worship is always appreciated, but also not required.

We don’t go to be entertained.
We are not tourists. We are hard at work serving the local church. Occasionally there is down-time between conferences to appreciate local sites. We’ve found God uses local attractions to help explain theological concepts in teaching illustrations. Although this is helpful, site-seeing and shopping is never a priority.

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