What is my Purpose? Your True Story Starts Now

What is my purpose?

No matter who you are or where you live, the one true God is loving you right now. He has an important purpose for your life.


You might ask: How is He loving me? How is my life important and what is my purpose? How should I respond? 


We invite you to take a 50-day faith journey through Your True Story to start answering them.

Why 50 days?

God set apart 50 days in the Bible for a special purpose.


Once the Hebrew people began celebrating Passover, God gave them another festival called the Feast of Weeks, later called Pentecost.1


The one-day celebration took place seven weeks and one day (50 days) after Passover. Pentecost was a day of celebration and revelation. It commemorates the giving of the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) to Moses on Mount Sinai.


After Jesus’s time on earth, He gave the gift of the Holy Spirit to the disciples in Jerusalem on Pentecost.


There is something significant about the fact that God chose the same fiftieth day, both in the Old Testament and New Testament, to give the gifts of Word and Spirit. Word and Spirit combine to bring us greater revelation.


God can use these 50 days in your life in a special way, too. Why put in the effort?


Because your life matters, and your life story makes a difference.


What is my purpose? Our Creator made you on purpose, for a purpose. He has written a story for you—a story full of meaning that impacts eternity.


But to understand your purpose—your true story—you need to know the Author. You need to encounter the one true God.


What is God like? Why did God create me? How can I know God?

Many of us have asked these questions.


Do not ignore them because you fear you won’t find the answers, or you are afraid you will not like the answers you find.


God planted these questions in your heart to bring you on a faith journey closer to His heart. So, ask them.


You’ll find answers in the Bible—also known as God’s Word or Scripture (2 Tim. 3:16).2


But more than answers, you will find God Himself.

God is Real and the Bible is True

One of my prayers is that over the next 50 days you will experience how God is real and the Bible is true.


Together, we’ll answer some of your questions with truth from God’s Word.


Whether you are reading it for the first time or have studied it for years, God’s Word is always perfect and fresh.


That’s why this study heavily quotes Scripture and refers you to Bible verses (including more than 1,400 references), so God’s Word can speak for itself.


I suggest you set aside thirty minutes each day with an open Bible to meet with God as you go through these brief chapters.


Pray before you read to invite God to reveal Himself to you. Interact with what you discover. Mark up the pages as you wish and write your thoughts in the margins.

Read one chapter a day so you can think and act on what you read.

As we learn to love God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength (Mark 12:30), we’ll approach this faith journey with Jesus’s command in mind.


You’ll find four steps to complete at the end of each day:

As we learn to love God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength (Mark 12:30), we’ll approach this faith journey with Jesus’s command in mind.

You’ll find four steps to complete at the end of each day:

  1. Read Scripture related to the day’s topic in “Let the Bible Speak.”
  2. Answer questions to process what you read in “Let Your Mind Think.”
  3. Start your conversation with God in “Let Your Soul Pray.”
  4. Record what steps God may be leading you to take in “Let Your Heart Obey.”3
What is your purpose? Start Your True Story now... | allinmin.org

What is in This Faith Journey?

Each week you’ll learn more of the narrative woven through the Bible. Part 1 starts with a wide scope of the overarching story of God.


Then, we’ll narrow our focus to your place and purpose in God’s story. This life-changing foundation will stabilize the faith essentials covered in the second part of the journey.


At this point, Part 2 also becomes a resource guide you can return to as life’s unexpected circumstances come your way.


You’ll discover secrets of the Christian life, like how to abide in Christ, work through doubts, resist temptation, and worship God during seasons of suffering.


You’ll also learn practical ways to study the Bible, share your faith with people, and pray.

If you have not started a relationship with Jesus, you’ll have an opportunity to take that step.


Are you ready to get started and finally find an answer to the ultimate question—”what is my purpose?”


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1 Pentecost comes from a Greek word meaning “fiftieth.” The festival holiday is called Shavuot in Hebrew meaning “weeks,” and is also known as the Festival of Harvest.

2 You can find the Bible online at many different websites, including Bible Gateway (biblegateway.com), Bible Study Tools (biblestudytools.com), Bible Hub (biblehub.com), Blue Letter Bible (blueletterbible.org), and YouVersion (youversion.com).

3 The Bible sometimes refers to obedience or a decision as an expression of the heart (Josh. 24:23; Joel 2:13; Rom. 10:9–10).

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