God’s Multiplication—1000 Books for South Asia

1000 Your True Story books are in production for South Asia!

It’s not just a book, it’s a mission.


Our mission for Your True Story is simple—one book bought provides one book given freely to someone in an under-resourced country.


This strategy is one of our ministry’s heart cries, which is to equip people worldwide to be a disciple who makes disciples for Jesus.


Recently, we have been praying for our in-country leaders in India as huge pandemic spikes hit their country. Their government asked one of our leaders to house patients in their church building. 


As you can only imagine, this has been a time of deep suffering and struggle for them and their church. Yet, this crisis has also opened the door for people who might not have known the love of Jesus in a tangible way.


As we have been praying for India and praying for the distribution of Your True Story, God is moving in ways we couldn’t have imagined. 


Not only are we able to provide books to some of our South Asia leaders from the first two months of Your True Story sales on Amazon. But also we are able to print *four* books there for every *single* book purchase here. 

God's Multiplication 1000 books for India

God's multiplication . . . this is all God's doing.

He is multiplying our efforts to advance the gospel.


While this multiplied ratio for books given might not always be available in the future, these discipleship resources will help those who have suffered during this crisis now.


God’s timing is always perfect.


Think of Jesus multiplying five loaves and two fish to feeding five thousand people (John 6:1-14). Now, what about the timing of them being fed—have you ever wondered how hungry they were? Or what would have happened if the disciples had sent them all away?


God cares for us and meets our needs. It may not always seem like our efforts are multiplied, but we can rest in being obedient and waiting for His perfect timing.


Let’s pray for multiplication throughout South Asia as these books reach the hands of the people who will learn and grow as disciple makers for Jesus. Pray the gospel to be advanced ALL for God’s glory.


If you would like to make a global impact and help us grow Your True Story’s mission, you can purchase the book here or learn about the book here


We can’t wait to see how God multiplies our efforts–TOGETHER–as we advance the gospel worldwide by providing free discipleship tools to those who need it most.

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