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Hello, my name is Susan Freese.
It's great to meet you.

If you’re new here, welcome to All In. This site is dedicated to building awareness of worldwide discipleship poverty and equipping women to help eliminate it.


If you’re like most believers, you desire to see people know and share Jesus, but you’re unsure how. Which ministry to support? Which mission program?


You may even be disappointed, thinking some short-term missions look more like “Christian tourism.”


We understand. We’ve wrestled with those questions, too.


At All In, we’re committed to majoring on the majors. Meaning, we’re completely focused on elevating Jesus and equipping women to be disciple-makers for Him. We’re 90% volunteer-run and operate in a virtual culture to stay lean while expanding our global network. Our team is spread across the USA, from Alaska to Atlanta, and our trainers live in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa, multiplying discipleship to forgotten women. Regardless of where you live, we’d love for you to join the movement.

A Christian leader in Africa told us, “reach a boy and he will reach one other. Reach a girl and she will reach 26 others.”

We’ve seen an exponential spread of the gospel through women in every country where we’ve had the privilege to serve. We believe investing in women is not only a sound investment, but also the right thing to do. Many women around the world have no access to discipleship training. Together, we can change that.

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Let’s reach the whole church with the whole gospel.

God’s glory is our reward,


"He must become greater; I must become less."


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