You did it!

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Step 1: Remember the Journey

Celebrate! The 50-Day journey was hard, holy work. Remember what God did in your life with your Certificate of Achievement. Let it be a memorial stone.

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Step 2: Keep Growing

As a disciple, our transformation continues until we arrive home in heaven. To help you grow, find the resources below. Use our other training videosprintable resources, and Your True Story resources too.

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Step 3: Stay Connected

We want to hear your true story. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You will encourage us, and we’ll pray for you. Subscribe to receive our emails with free tools & stories. 

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Step 4: Invite a Friend

Repetition is key to learning. God will meet you in a new way the next time through the 50-day journey. Invite someone who is exploring Christianity or who is a new believer to go through the study with you again. You will both be blessed as you grow closer to God and each other.

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Step 5: Teach Others

Are you ready to help others learn how to make disciples? Subscribe to receive our free discipleship eBook: 10 Steps to be a Disciple Maker of Jesus to help you host a workshop and equip others to know how to be a disciple who makes disciples.  

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Did you see our free resources for each week of the journey?

Help Others Discover Their True Stories

We would be honored if you share Your True Story with others.


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