How “Your True Story” Can Help You Keep New Year’s Resolutions

You’ve done the work, identified areas in your life you would like to improve, and now you can start the new year off on the right foot. While it may look simple and straightforward on paper, we all know that looks can be deceiving. New Year’s Resolutions aren’t so easy to keep once a few months have passed, especially those of a spiritual nature.  


Perhaps this year you desire to deepen your intimacy with God, grow in your understanding of His Word, and leverage your life for His purposes – if that’s the case (and we hope it is) Your True Story can help! 


Your True Story is a 50-day discipleship tool that will strengthen every area of your spiritual life. As you journey through this Bible study, you will deepen your understanding of Biblical truths, and learn how to be a disciple who makes disciples. It can help you to determine and attain spiritual goals all year-round. 

Here are four New Year’s Resolutions that Your True Story can help you achieve.

1) Go Deeper in God’s Word

Perhaps one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions for Christians is to spend more time in God’s Word. If you want to spend more time reading the Bible, but aren’t quite sure how to get started, Your True Story can help. Week 5: God’s Word—Listening to the Author of Life will provide you with tangible steps to study, memorize, understand and apply the truths of God’s Word. You’ll also learn about the veracity and value of the Bible – why we can trust it, and why we should cherish it. 

2) Enhance Your Prayer Life

Week Six in Your True Story is all about prayer—talking with the Author of life. If you feel stuck in the same prayer routine, or simply want to understand why prayer is so critical for our faith – this is the week for you. Learn how prayer changes hearts, how to avoid hindrances in prayer, and practical tips for establishing a strong pattern of prayer in your life. Your True Story will guide you in enhancing your prayer life while you grow deep roots and abide in His will.  


3) Grow Your Intimacy with God

You will find that almost every page in Your True Story will help you grow in your intimacy with Christ. In Week 4: Abiding—Staying Connected with God you will learn what it looks like to live a life of resting in, relying on and releasing everything to Jesus. As you do that, you will receive all you need from Him, and find joy as you walk with Him throughout life. 

4) Make Disciples

One of the greatest joys of knowing Christ is sharing that joy with others. In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus gives clear instructions to make disciples and teach them to follow Him. This commission should not be taken lightly, and a great resolution for the new year is to get serious about making disciples.  


Week three in Your True Story is about finding and fulfilling your God-given purpose. You will learn about your identity as an ambassador of Jesus and be equipped with simple tools for sharing the gospel and making disciples. Once you’ve completed the week, there’s no doubt you’ll be eager and excited to get started. It’s time to reach out to everyone from your neighbors to all the nations and share what God has done for you! 

Your True Story also includes:

  • 10,000+ research hours, 3 theological reviews, 1,400+ Biblical references.


  • Keywords, daily personal reflection and weekly group discussion questions. 
  • A writing style for a global audience with no western examples – multiple translations available. 

If you haven’t read through Your True Story yet, prepare to begin the 50-day journey now. Fifty days is enough time to form a habit, and the habits you’ll learn from this study will undoubtedly improve your spiritual life this coming year.  


If you have already journeyed through Your True Story, we encourage you to refer back to the weeks that apply to your specific faith-based resolutions. Your True Story provides wisdom for any goal you’ve made and can help you achieve them in 2023 and beyond. 


To persevere in achieving your New Year’s Resolutions, consider going through Your True Story Bible study with friends. Accountability, group commitment, and weekly discussion gatherings are all ways that will help you bring lasting change to your life. Best of all, you will not only grow closer to others, but closer to God. That’s a promise from the pages of Scripture (James 4:8). You’ll find this truth and so much more in our 50-day journey. It’s worth taking the first step. You can do it, and we’re here to help.   


4 New Years Resolutions you can achieve through "Your True Story" |
How "Your True Story" can help you keep your New Year's Resolutions |

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