Your True Story Celebrates Its First Birthday With Exciting News

Your True Story is celebrating its first birthday!

After many years in development, we “marched forth” on March 4, 2021 to launch our Bible study, Your True Story: The 50-Day Essential Guide To Your New Life With Jesus. God led us through an incredible first year, partnering with missionaries to advance the gospel worldwide with this tool.


You may have heard us use the phrase, “It’s more than a book. It’s a mission.” 


This statement is not just a another tagline for the book—it’s part of All In Ministries International’s (All In) heart calling. 


All In’s mission is to change the world by equipping women with discipleship training and tools to be disciple makers of Jesus. Your True Story is a significant part of this mission. 


God showed Susan Freese, All In’s founder and president, the desperate need for a discipleship tool to be written for a global audience. A book to equip believers in any culture on how to grow a deeper relationship with Jesus and apply Biblical truths to their lives with God’s help.


But getting the tool into the hands that need it most meant coming up with a unique strategy. Susan and the ministry board of directors decided to self-publish and invest all proceeds in translations and free distribution of the tool. Our “Buy One, Gift One” approach provides a free copy to an under-resourced believer for every copy sold in the USA.


God continues to draw others into this work. You can read more about the inspiring story of our translator’s transformation, and how God used his life to inspire the “why” behind Your True Story in Why a Book for New Believers.

A few Your True Story first year highlights :

Your True Story is currently being translated into these nine languages . . .



Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese






Also thanks to a generous donation, we also just received funds to translate Your True Story into Thai!

We have given away more Your True Story books than sold to under-served believers worldwide. . . .

Including 1000 books delivered to South Asia—read here how God multiplied our efforts.

And our most recent BIG News—
Your True Story won the Illumination Christian Book Award.

Your True Story won the Illumination Book Award this year!

We're grateful to receive the Illumination Book Award because of the possibilities . . .

With every step this year, God is opening doors. The more exposure for Your True Story—the more books get into the hands of under-served believers worldwide.


You have been a big part of this first year’s journey with us—from participating on our book launch team and leaving book reviews on Amazon to recommending the book to friends/church leaders or promoting it on your social media accounts. Some of you even gave copies of the book to friends, family, leaders, and led others through Your True Story in Bible study groups.


You have helped expand the book’s reach and provided opportunities for even more books to be given away to those who need it most.

Here are a few simple ways you can help expand the reach of Your True Story :

  • Leave a Review of Your True Story on Amazon.


  • Give the book to friends, leaders, or your Pastor.


  • Parles-tu français? We are also looking for French reviewers of the translated manuscript or volunteer to help with a future language translation review.

Thank you for being All In on this journey with us. Without God’s grace, His guidance, and your help, we could not have accomplished it all.


Let’s keep marching forward to advance the Gospel on every continent—all for God’s glory.

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