Why “with” Him?

The purpose of life as a follower of Jesus and fulfilling your calling as His creation is . . .


Not to get something “from” God. 


Not to do something “for” God. 


But to live life “with” God.

Why "with" Him?

God created you to love and exalt Him, and wants to have a relationship with you. God wants you to live “with” Him daily, to be the answer and reason for everything you do.


God loves you, cares for you, and will never abandon you. He is the ultimate example of a Good Father. Read, download, and print this Love Letter if you ever need to be reminded of how much He truly loves you (see Week 2). 


God wants a deep, daily relationship with you—not a surface-level, once-a-week church-service “obligation.”


You may have seen All In Ministries’ hashtag (#allinwithHim), which speaks to the heart of our mission for all to know Jesus as Savior and Lord of all of their life. 


How will we accomplish this?


We cannot accomplish this alone—we have to be all in “with” Him to even scratch the surface in pursuit of our mission. Not only do we read about this closeness with God in the pages of Scripture, but we can experience it in our daily lives by praying, rooting ourselves in God’s Word, asking for the Holy Spirit to fill us, and walking in trusting obedience.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

All our efforts to equip women worldwide with discipleship resources, training, and tools to be disciple makers of Jesus are much harder if we do not live “with” God daily in the center of it all. 


When we serve others, the goal is to teach them to live “with” God–rely on Him daily, align their purpose “with” His purpose, and glorify Him in everything they do so that others are drawn to Jesus.


Without God, we can’t accomplish much, but “with” Him, the story completely changes . . . 

"But Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

More American Christians “Without” God?

In May, the American Bible Society (ABS) released its 2022 State of the Bible USA Survey, and some of the stats were shocking. Among their findings, which you can download for free here, they revealed that “nearly 26 million Americans reduced or stopped their interaction with Scripture in the past year.”


This statistic is particularly alarming, but it also suggests the need for intentional discipleship. Because to understand how to live “with” God, you must read His Word to discover His heart and His will.  Sometimes, a guide (a person and/or a discipleship tool) can be the key to getting started in a world full of distractions and short attention spans. 


Your True Story was written to be a guide and answer a need for worldwide discipleship resources—a Christian handbook to help you understand and apply the truths in the Bible to your daily life. You can change your life, impact eternity, and learn to live life “with” God at the center of everything in only seven weeks.


Because when you live life “with” God, your focus changes. Your will begins to align with God’s will. Like a friend you regularly “do life with,” your daily relationship with God allows you to know and grow your friendship deeper. You will naturally want to share God’s love and message of salvation with others. 


If you want to learn how to intentionally share the Gospel as you live “with” God, take our Be a Disciple Maker Course to learn how to share Jesus through your daily life.

Curious About “With-ness”—You’re Not Alone

The ABS 2022 Study revealed “one-third of non-Bible users said they were curious about the Bible and/or Jesus.” Think of how this might change the way you see your neighbors or coworkers. One-third would be interested if you brought up spiritual beliefs.


That’s because God set eternity into the heart of every person (Eccles. 3:11). So when you start a spiritual conversation with someone, you have curiosity on your side. 


Not sure how to get started? You can download our free Spiritual Conversation Starter Guide below for spiritual conversation starters. This stat should encourage every disciple maker who intentionally lives “with” God and wants to share His message of hope and salvation with others.

Women are Keepers of the Faith

As a disciple-making movement focused on women, we nodded in agreement with ABA’s findings that “a clear majority of Americans still follow ‘the faith of their mothers.'” This is one of the reasons we are devoted to equipping women worldwide to be disciple makers of Jesus. Generational impact! 


Yet, there is a significant need for discipleship resources for women worldwide, and in most cultures, women are the “keepers of religion.” If we can equip a woman to live “with” God and grow a deep friendship “with” Him, oftentimes her children and family will follow in her footsteps.


The bottom line is—we need to live “with” God. God designed us for this close relationship.

So how about you?

Do you live each day together “with” God? Or are you stuck thinking you have to do things “for” God or to get something “from” God? Rest assured knowing that there is nothing you can do to earn or lose God’s love. Enjoy life with God and everything changes.


You can fulfill your purpose daily by loving God, loving others, and making disciples—all for His glory and all “with” Him daily. Let us encourage you to be #allinwithHim.


So here’s the big question you need to ask yourself: Are you all in “with” Him?


Why "with" Him? How can you live "with" God and what is the difference? | allinmin.org
Why "with" Him? How can you live "with" God and what is the difference? | allinmin.org

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