Why Do We Exist [Plus Introducing an Exciting New Partnership]

Why do we exist?

You see it printed on mugs, T-shirts, and journals—the dearly loved Psalm 46:10 verse:  “Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in all the earth.”

Many believers focus on the first part of the passage but disconnect the result of knowing God—reconciling the nations to Himself.

This gap between knowing God and making Him known is the reason for ministries like All In Ministries International and our newest partner ministry, She Loves Out Loud. Together, we’re devoted to help women discover this truth.

Yes, you and I exist to truly know God—to enjoy and exalt Him in all areas of our life.

From the beginning of creation to our new life in Christ, the Bible reveals that we are designed to be in a daily, life-changing relationship with God. 


Through that relationship, others discover God’s forgiveness, salvation, and redemption. 


But what happens when we do not follow Jesus or know how to live out our faith in our day-to-day lives? Our life will lack purpose, meaning, and joy. We will find ourselves restless, and life may seem meaningless.

Rather than "be still and know," it's "be anxious and uncertain."

Instead of exalting God in all the earth, we believe Satan’s ancient lie to exalt ourselves. 


That’s my story. 


Early in life, I trusted Jesus for my salvation but did not know how to trust Him for my everyday life. I pursued what the Western world defined as “success”—possessions, accomplishments, and career achievement. 


My shallow faith allowed me to be easily swayed by the world’s trappings. It seemed as though no amount of success could fulfill my heart’s desires, and I was simply miserable. 


It was not until I experienced a long season of suffering that God revealed what I had been missing—an intimate relationship with Him.

Everything changed when I surrendered my life to Jesus and followed Him every day.

I started reading and studying my Bible, and it came alive. What once seemed like a boring and lifeless chore became vibrant and life-giving. 


One of the first things in my life to change was my heart. 


I wanted to serve Jesus, not out of obligation but as an overflow of my love for Him. 


My heart softened for other women who desired to know God and, like me, were searching for more. I wanted them to encounter Jesus as I had. 


My church invited me to re-start its women’s ministry, but I felt unworthy and insufficient for such a position. Once again, the Bible changed my perspective:

"Not that we are sufficient in ourselves to claim anything as coming from us, but our sufficiency is from God."

Not long after the women’s ministry launched in 2007, I started participating in short-term mission trips. I saw firsthand how women (especially in developing countries) have little to no access to discipleship.

Countless women worldwide have never been told that they are loved, valued, or have a purpose.

In many cultures, first-generation Christian women, considered “keepers of their religion,” were not allowed to ask questions of men. 


Women, hungry to learn about Jesus, had no discipleship training. They had no women’s ministry to encourage and help them. 


Believers ultimately returned to ancient customs or religious practices because they did not know how to live out their new faith. 


One leader in South Asia invited our ministry to host a women’s discipleship conference. In the region where he served, women were not allowed to even look into a man’s eyes. Women were considered inferior—left questioning how to grow in their new faith and pass it along to the next generation.  


When we hosted the women’s disciple-making training, the response was shocking!

Women came by the hundreds; they walked for hours, took long train journeys, slept on concrete floors, and endured physical abuse to learn about Jesus.

We taught God’s work in them and through them. 


We focused on God’s story to help them discover their story . . . their purpose . . . their mission: to know and love God, and help others know and love Him too (a simple version of Psalm 46:10). 


Once they received these truths, their lives changed, and they were able to relay and communicate God’s love and promises to their families and communities. One woman shared… 

"I was told I could not teach because I am blind and a woman . . . Now, I've shared the gospel with my family, my in-laws, and all the villages. I learned about grace, how to pray, and I've shared all the teaching with others."

At the end of the conference, we opened it up for questions. The women sheepishly stood one by one to ask what was on their hearts: 

"Are we allowed to pray during a certain time of the month?"

"How can I share my faith with my family when my husband beats me for being a Christ-follower?"

"My family makes me offer sacrifices to idols and participate in idol worship. What should I do?"

"Since I cannot read, how can I study the Bible?"

These questions were unlike anything we had been asked before.

Yes, they truly wanted to know God. And the Holy Spirit provided wisdom to address each concern. (He’s so good at giving us the right words when we need them for disciple-making, as Luke 12:12 promises). 


When the conference was over, my life changed once again. 


Never would I take for granted that I could know God with the help of owning and reading a Bible or be physically safe exalting God in my home and community. 


I thought this disciple-making training opportunity was a once-in-a-lifetime privilege. But, on the same day we landed back in the United States, I received an email asking us to teach the disciple-making conference in Africa. 


Then, East Asia. 


Then, Egypt. 


Then, back to India, and then Romania  . . . and on and on.


All In Ministries International was born. We work with churches and missionaries worldwide to train and equip under-resourced women to be disciples who make disciples of Jesus.

Ten years later, we're ready to equip other women to serve cross-culturally, too.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with She Loves Out Loud to help women “be still and know” God and make Him known in all the earth.  


She Loves Out Loud is gathering women for prayer across six continents on November 5, 2022. You can join this incredible global experience in person, host a simulcast, or join in online—See how here.


Their mission is to minister to women cross-culturally just like All In’s vision to ignite a movement of women to disciple women across cultures. She Loves Out Loud is “gathering the women of the world”  to say, “I hear your story. I see your struggle. I will love you out loud.”

If you are looking to know God and fulfill your purpose, I invite you to plug into the She Loves Out Loud community, download our free disciple-making resources, and pray for God to be exalted in all the earth. 


We’re honored and excited to be a part of the She Loves Out Loud community to help knit our global community together—all for God’s glory alone.


Why Do We Exist . . . you were designed for a beautiful purpose | allinmin.org
Why Do We Exist . . . you were designed for a beautiful purpose | allinmin.org

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