What Happens in Liberia Does Not Stay in Liberia

A national women’s conference was the reason All In Ministries International (All In) journeyed to Liberia to teach women leaders (mostly pastors’ wives). Or, so we thought. Little did we know God was up to much more.


All In Liberia Conference Pastors
Onesimus (Left) and Pastor Titus (right)

Soon after our feet hit the ground, we met him –  Pastor Titus, a great believer who started 200 churches in 13 countries in mostly unreached people groups.


What he said about women was shocking.


“When we go to an unreached and unengaged people group,” he said, “we pray asking God to send us a person of peace. The majority of the time, God sends a woman to reach the village.”


“Why do you think that is the case?” we asked.


He answered, “Men go in and want to show power, so women go in (are not threatening) and can work effectively very quickly.”


The next few days we would see the very women who he was referring to. Women of courage who started schools and ministries that are changing lives and villages.


Bible Declaration at the All In Womens Conference


The women gathered for the conference from 12 churches across the country. Throughout the three-day conference, we taught them God’s story and their part in His story. We helped them discover their purpose and how to grow in their faith and pass it on.


Women praying at the All In Conference in Liberia


The crowning point of every All In conference is the closing commissioning.  We tell them at the start that the faith lessons they learn at the conference are not for them alone, but for them to share with their family, churches, and villages. We ask them to take all they learn and pass it on. We invite them at the end of the conference to stand before God to make a commitment to be disciple-makers.


Women in Bible study at the All In Liberian Womens Conference


Women in group discussion at the All In Womens Conference in Liberia


Women learn at the All In Conference in Liberia


A woman reads from the Bible at the All In Conference in Liberia


Then it happened….


The bold and beautiful conference leader stood up, came forward, and forcefully explained in her Liberian accent… “This is NO JOKE! You either stand before God and make disciples or you stay seated.”


Liberia All In Conference Leader
Karen Harris Gonkerwon, National Conference Leader

She returned to her seat.




Then it happened. One by one each woman rose to her feet.


Women worship at the All In Conference in Liberia


Yes, 100% of the women made a commitment to God to be disciple-makers of Jesus Christ!


Just when we thought it could not get any better, we prayed over them and for them. God moved mightily in the room. Emotions flowed, and lives changed.


Women Worship at the All In Womens Conference in Liberia


Nine women leaders came forward to be anointed to serve as All In instructors to take the material and teach it in other places. One woman – Jainie –  answered the call to be the first All In in-country champion!


Women Leaders from the All In Liberia Womens Conference


All In Women are annointed as leaders to be disciple-makers


Our dear Pastor Titus, who we met on the first day, visited the women’s conference and invited All In to go to other nations. We can now tell him the women leaders are ready. They can go. Because what happened in Liberia was never meant to stay in Liberia.


All In Liberia Conference Group 1



To help us equip and unleash more women in more places, please prayerfully consider becoming an All In Change Partner here.


To God be the Glory! Thank you all for your partnership and prayers.

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