What Can Happen When You Say Yes to God

What can happen when you say "yes" to God . . .

Saying “yes” to God changed my life. On April 5, 2012, the State of Florida recognized All In Ministries International as an official donor-funded organization. And it all started with a phone call.


Three weeks before my first mission to India, Pastor Chris Price called. “Hey, would you create a two-day women’s conference for one of the churches we’re serving?”


While Chris uttered those words, I heard in my heart: “Day One: God’s Work In Them; Day Two: God’s Work Through Them.”


It was not me manufacturing those thoughts.

I said "yes," and 90 minutes later, the ENTIRE conference was written.

I can only explain it as a spiritual download. As I typed away at the keyboard, I felt like I was on holy ground.


But what I saw in India changed my life.


Women traveled four days on foot to attend the conference. Many were physically abused for attending. Women slept on thin mats on concrete floors in staggering heat just to learn how to be disciple-makers of Jesus.


Missionary Scott Ray explained, “women are the keepers of religion” in India. But sadly, few people invest in helping women discover they are loved, valued, and have a divine purpose.


I soon discovered this is a global problem.


The day I landed back in the USA, I received an invitation to take the conference to Africa. Then East Asia. Then Egypt. Then . . .


Ten years later, All In has trained nearly 10,000 people throughout 17 countries, and countless lives have been transformed through an authentic relationship with Jesus.

But make no mistake, this challenging and holy journey has been a community effort. By God’s grace, my family’s endless support, and intercessory team prayers, “All In” has grown into a large diversified group of believers, volunteers, and supporters from all over the globe.


If you are a monthly change partner, ministry partner, leader, volunteer, or someone who encouraged us along the way—we’re grateful you are a part of All In. Your support is reaching women worldwide far beyond what we could have imagined. 


As only God could orchestrate this year, on our tenth anniversary, we trained (via zoom) more than 50 women leaders across 30 regions in northern India—the birthplace of the ministry.


Now that post-pandemic missions have finally begun, we will be teaching in Kenya and Uganda in June to equip more women to be disciple makers of Jesus.


Say Yes to God . . . saying yes changed my life. All In Ministries turns 10 | allinmin.org

If Jesus had told me about the hardship and peril of starting a ministry, I'm not sure I would have said "yes" to Chris's question. But I would have missed . . . it . . . all.

All of it . . . The Mission. The Vision. And now . . . The Bible study. 


On March 4, 2021, we incorporated everything we teach (and more) into a comprehensive Bible study so others can know God’s story, their part and purpose in it, and learn how to live out their purpose through an abiding relationship with Jesus.


For new and growing believers worldwide, Your True Story: The 50-Day Essential Guide to Your New Life With Jesus is saturated with Scripture and provides an “all-in-one” faith journey covering faith essentials for women and men with no Western examples or stories. Every copy sold provides a free translated copy to an under-served believer in a developing country. (Ten translations are currently in development.) 100% of the net profits go toward serving marginalized women and children—this book’s mission would not exist if believers did not support us to keep saying “yes” along the way. 


Let me encourage you to say “yes” to God and watch Him work in and through your life—all for His glory and ultimately for your good.


Comment below—we love hearing your stories. Have you said “yes” to God? Or is God asking you to say “yes” to something right now?


What Can Happen When You Say Yes to God | allinmin.org
What Can Happen When You Say Yes to God | allinmin.org

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