The Power of Men Praying for Women

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Romania Conference 2017 Woman Writing

Why return to Romania?

Why return when the women are doing all they were instructed to do from the All In conference held in October 2017?


  • The women are making disciples.
  • The church is strengthened with women learning and living the Bible.
  • Women are serving in outreach ministries to gypsy villages for the first time!


The missionary said how men were thanking her for the All In conference and sharing how their wives were changed because of it. The women were bringing positive change to their families and neighbors. Marriages were healed. There was immediate generational and community impact!


So, when the millennial-reaching, high-growth Romanian church asked for All In to come back to conduct a follow-up teaching, we wondered…


Why return, God?  They are doing what the Bible says to do. What more should we teach them?

After six months of prayer, God made Himself clear through prayer, scripture, and a ministry retreat that we must return. The day we said “yes” to the Romanian church, we emailed the missionary in Hungary who asked us to contact him if we were to ever return to the area.


You will not believe what he shared:


I just returned from a conference in Poland of European church planters.  At the conference, we prioritized topics.  In the top three was the obvious need for good training for women in our churches.  This was a group from five different countries from all over Europe, and we all sensed that God really wants us to focus more on women, in addition to what we are already doing.  
As you might guess, all but two of the 14 people were men and we all sat there like, “how is this going to happen?”


In a debrief with my Hungarian friends, we all committed to pray specifically for discipleship training for women in Budapest.  So, God is stirring hearts. All that being said, if All In is interested we can definitely host a women’s discipleship conference for our network.


Trey, IMB Missionary in Budapest

Door Open. Opportunity Everywhere!



After seeing the exponential impact of equipping women leaders during the 2018 All In missions in Liberia and Ethiopia, we asked the missionaries to invite women leaders from across their networks to be in attendance. They understood and agreed.


By God’s grace and your partnership, we’ll be equipping women leaders in both Romania and Hungary this March at two separate three-day All In conferences.  


Interestingly, many of the women leaders are literate and highly educated, but do NOT own study Bibles. Yet, God has already provided for our Romania sisters. The needed study Bibles have been generously donated to help teach women in their language so they may hear from God and share Jesus with others. Praise God! You can make a difference in these women’s lives too!


Will you partner with us? Time is short. The mission is March 5-16, 2019

AIM Romania Conference 2017 Discipleship Reaching Generations

Easy ways to partner with us:

  1. You can join us in prayer.
  2. You can share this need with friends who might also consider partnering with us.
  3. You can partner with us financially to help support the work of All In.


As a donor-funded, independent, nonprofit organization, we need ministry partners to invest in this mission.  


Would you please prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible donation to All In (a 501c3 organization) at 4420 Hodges Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32224 or online at

Your partnership…helps women discover they are loved, valued and have a purpose. Equips women to reach other women. Trains women how to be disciples who make disciples of Jesus. 


Otilia, Women's Ministry Leader in Romania; Karen Bucur, Leader of Pathway to Joy Ministries and Susan Freese, Founder & President of All In
Otilia, Women’s Ministry Leader in Romania; Karen Bucur, Leader of Pathway to Joy Ministries and Susan Freese, Founder & President of All In



We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your compassion and generosity.

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