Uganda Children on our Partner Mission takes pictures with All In on our partner mission.

How can taking a picture change a life forever?

We’ve heard stories of people angling for the perfect selfie, while dangerously putting themselves into harm’s way when tragedy strikes. Lives that ended much too soon because of…sadly…a photo.

What about the reverse? What about the lives forever changed for the good because of one photo taken of them?

A boy getting an egg on our partner mission with One More Child.

Is Egg Day the best day of your week?

I’ve seen poverty up close and personal.

From the Mayan jungles of Mexico to the dirt roads of India and the slums of Beijing, people struggling to meet basic human needs are everywhere. Yet, there was something different about Uganda. Something that changed the core of who I am as a Western woman.

Uganda Countryside

Three weeks and counting!

Is there a spot on the globe you consider to be off-limits?  A non-negotiable? A not-in-my-lifetime kind of location? For most of us, the answer would be: Yes! There is a clear place(s) on the map that we would prefer to avoid altogether.   For many years it was the same way for Susan Freese.  … Read more

Orphans Heart VP and COO greets children in Uganda

Lord, (do not) send me to Africa

In the 1980s T.V. commercials with Sally Struthers pleading with listeners to save African children from starvation were unavoidable. For only $.70 a day, a child could be rescued from starvation she said. Picture after picture of extremely malnourished children swarmed by flies would appear. As a young girl mesmerized by those images, my heart … Read more


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