Stop and recognize International Women’s Day – You won’t believe why!

I was shocked and embarrassed at what I had done. Dishonoring our country. Disregarding the sacrifice of so many who died. All unintentional. It was D-day – National Donut Day – or so I had been lured into the marketing spin of a free donut.


As my family and I were munching on a warm, sweet treat, I post our silliness to Facebook. Then, it happened. An older friend responded, “I’m surprised at you, Susan.” What? Why? Surprised I have a sugar addiction? I’m a card-carrying member! Then, it clicked…oh, no….it is that day? The real D-day? Yup. What foolishness to re-direct attention away from a turning-point day in the history of our country. Never again, I hope and pray, will I be so oblivious to ignore days that honor others’ sacrifices.

Sweatshop 1890

Today, I stop to honor International Women’s day. You may be asking, what’s all the hype? Originally called International Working Women’s Day, March 8 honors those who stood up for better working conditions, hours and pay for women in New York City sweatshops.


I realize agendas are pushed in different directions, but I believe International Women’s Day is necessary for our global community to appreciate the progress made and the potential of progress for our international sisters.


Let me share what is going on internationally from a Christian worldview…


Persecution for our Christian sisters is at an all-time high in the history of the world.


Women in many cultures are told they are “ruined” or a “burden” simply because they are a woman.


Women in India worshipping and learning about Jesus.


Outside of the USA, women predominately are considered the “keepers of the religion” yet few people are investing in Christian women.


Many women are told they have one purpose in life – to procreate.


They are hidden.








Maybe with a day called International Women’s Day, we won’t forget them. We will honor them.


One woman walks on a road in Africa and that's why All In Ministries seeks to help one woman at a time.

We will pray for them. We will go and teach them how to know God, how they are loved and have a purpose in Christ, and how to live this life well.


You see, we’re all the same. Wanting a better life for ourselves and our children. Wanting an authentic relationship with Our Maker.


Since 2010, I’ve traveled the world seeing what our international sisters endure, how they live, how they suffer. Yet, I also see the effects of a changed life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


We’ve had the honor to invest in women through intensive discipleship conferences and we’ve seen God change their lives.


When you give a woman value and purpose in the power of the Holy Spirit for the Glory of God, it will not only change her life, but also it will change the lives of all those around her.


Woman reads the Bible in IndiaYes, the Samaritan woman in John 4 is alive and well today.


She is sprinkled all over the world in the form of a Mayan woman, an Egyptian woman, a Ugandan woman, an Indian woman, and an East Asian woman. They are bringing change to their families, villages, and communities.


And, we are called to go to them.


Recently, I shared the All In Ministries International (All In) story at my home church, Chets Creek Church.


You can watch it here to see how this ministry started, what we teach, where we are going. 

You see on God’s calendar International Women’s Day is every day.


Our Father is opening doors for us to go and serve these women. If you feel led, will you help us?


You can support our ministry in three ways: prayer, participation (share this blog, like our page, invite us to come to speak at your church), and financial partnership.


Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day together by talking about what is happening, and praying for our international sisters.


“The prayer of the righteous person is powerful and effective” James 5:16


Maybe next year, we’ll throw a party for international women and I’ll bring the donuts.


For His Glory Alone,


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