She led her first disciple-making conference

And she did it only one month after our conference!

“Now all glory to God who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20 (NLT)

One month after the Liberia mission, our first in-country All In Ministries (All In) Champion LED HER FIRST ALL IN DISCIPLE-MAKING CONFERENCE!!! We were astonished when she contacted us to share the good news, but that is not all that happened. Jainie shared…


“To God be all the glory, for opening His people hearts and minds for receiving His word. I taught for five hours using the theme: “The role of women in the home in disciple-making.”  


The women in this Klay District area, majority of whom truly love the Lord, need step-by-step approach of the teachings. So, I prayed this morning on which part of the training to begin with. The Spirit God led me to 1 Samuel 25:2-42 in creating an awareness for All In Ministries International, “changing the world one woman at the time.”  


“I led a prayer of confession and forgiveness. Susan, it wasn’t easy, but the Holy Spirit did His work.”  


“These beautiful women have been carrying so much load and burdens. I said to them, ‘we have to let go and free our hearts for God Spirit to take control of our hearts.’” 


“Gradually, as we continued, the Spirit touched the heart of one of the ushers. She jumped up and asked to speak. I allowed and she said, “I’ve been stubborn, but I will let go now and allow God’s spirit to take control of my heart.”  


“It was amazing! They asked that I go on a return visit in May!” 

Yes, we all must let go and release our hearts to God, so He can take control. That’s where we’ll find true healing, peace, and joy. Good word, Jainie!!


Klay District AIM conference, where 30-35 women gather for disciple-making training led by AIM's first in-country champion
Klay District All In conference, where 30-35 women gather for disciple-making training led by AIM’s first in-country champion


More All In conferences are scheduled in May in Liberia. The other leaders who we also anointed and commissioned are ready, too. They are discipling women to be disciple-makers of Jesus Christ.




Women are led through a time of confession and repentance to allow God to take control of their hearts
Women are led through a time of confession and repentance to allow God to take control of their hearts


Because Liberian women are incredibly influential in the spiritual development of their home, village, and church community. In fact, as one missionary explained, women in most nations are considered the “keepers of the religion.” Be sure to read about our Liberian All In Disciple-Making Conference, and see how Jainie became one of our All In Champions.


If you prayed, gave, or volunteered with All In Ministries, YOU helped to make this disciple-making multiplication happen. We are so grateful for your support, as we go to hard places to serve marginalized women.


If you have not gotten involved yet, would you prayerfully consider becoming a monthly Change Partner. We need your support to help Change the World One Woman at a Time.


To God be the Glory!


P.S. For the upcoming All In conferences, the leaders asked for prayer. In their words, please pray, “The Holy Spirit should soften every stony heart to receive the word. Redelegation of heart. God’s peace and joy. For Jainie specifically and the team members (to have) God’s grace and strength to go forth.”  Thank you for your partnership in prayer.

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