7 Ways To Pray for an Upcoming Mission

Would you like to leave a lasting legacy?


You may be thinking: What can I do?  I’m a stay-at-home mom busy with little ones.  I work full-time and struggle with the basics of life.  I’m a college student and I can’t get classwork completed between classes and my part-time job.  So how can I help women I’ll never meet, in a country halfway around the world?


You are so much more powerful and significant than you realize!  What you are doing in your daily life has significance in so many ways.  Don’t underestimate the power and importance of God in you.  He intends for you to have an eternal impact, to leave a lasting legacy.


Women praying together over the Bible.




One way is to partner with us in prayer.


Experts say where we are going is “the epicenter of the world’s lostness.” We leave soon (May 16-26) for a three-city tour of India to share the gospel and equip believers. We need your prayers.


Consider the prayer prompts below:


While you are teaching your children about God, pray for young Indian moms to learn how to pass on their faith to their children. While you are working, pray for the day laborers to draw upon living water to nourish their souls. While you are completing homework, pray for the young women to find their identity and value in Christ and not in exam results. (Suicide is a massive problem among students if they do not achieve desired results.)


Seven-Fold Missions Prayer Approach


Often, we’re asked how to pray for an upcoming mission. God gave us a seven-fold prayer approach years ago to help us shape our prayer (and our hearts) for missions. Will you join us in this prayer?


1. Please pray for God’s Presence


Lord, go before us.  Like Moses, we will go where you lead. Lead us to divine appointments for Your glory.

Women prays at the Ethiopia All In Conference


2. Please pray for God’s Power


Lord, only your anointing power working in us and through us can change hearts and lives.  Lord, we abide in You; we cannot do anything without Your life flowing through us.


3. Pray for God’s Peace


Lord, let your peace – that no one can understand or create – saturate us.


4. Pray for God’s Provision


Lord, You know what we need more than we do. Please meet all our needs.


5. Pray for God’s Protection


Lord, physical and spiritual threats abound.  Physical threats are increasing as Your Word spreads through the world.  Let no weapon form against us, against who we will serve, or against those in our families and churches who support us. Strengthen us as we serve. 


6. Pray for God’s Proclamation


Lord, let our words be Your words, as You promised to give us what to say and make each encounter a divine encounter with You.


7. Please pray for God’s Pleasure


Lord, take pleasure in all we do as we seek to fulfill Your purposes in Your strength for Your glory alone! May our joy be complete in you, Our God and Our Savior.


Be assured, this prayer is not some special formula for a successful mission and by no means is it to replace what Our Lord taught us to pray or how the Psalms model prayer. These are simply seven ways you can pray for our ministry or any other ministry.  Your prayers are more important than you may ever know! We cannot serve without them.


Thank you for leaving a legacy and impacting lostness with your prayers!

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