7 Ways to Grow as a Disciple Maker

How can you grow as a disciple maker?

Have you had time to reflect yet . . . reflect on the past year and the year to come?


The dictionary defines reflection as “serious thought or consideration.” Think about the word “serious” for a minute. When you take the time to reflect and pause for a moment, it will likely define the direction you take in the New Year—it is serious.  


What was this past year like for you? Maybe you had a great year, or maybe there were things you would have done differently.


Moments to pause and reflect are good. If you are actively aligning your goals with God’s goals, reflecting on the past to plan the future can help realign your decisions with God’s purpose for you.


Pray for what your goals should be, and ask God to show you what to focus on in 2023. 


Most New Year’s resolutions come and go, but you can make an intentional decision to grow as a disciple maker of Jesus as part of your 2023 resolutions.

Here are seven ways (or resolutions) you can make to grow as a disciple maker of Jesus:

1) Deepen your friendship with Jesus by sharing God’s Story.

Your resolution may be to grow your relationship with Jesus every day this year. One way to do that is to develop a habit of sharing His story with others. Your life will change as you become a vessel God works through to redeem and restore those far from Him. Learn how to use 3 circles to receive Jesus so others can discover how they fit into God’s overall story.

2) Embrace your identity in Christ and remind yourself to view yourself as God sees you.

Resolve to live each day by embracing who God says you are and not who the world says you are. By shifting your focus on how God sees you, your life starts to reflect Him. Read this love letter from your Heavenly Father to remind you every day.

3) Live your purpose intentionally every day.

You can live out your purpose in Christ each day. Even the smallest moments can have a significant impact. Set a note to pop up on your phone to remind you of your goal for the day, or set a phone alarm for Bible study or daily prayer time. Use our free tool to learn to share your testimony in 30 seconds and practice with a friend.

4) Stay connected to God daily and abide in Him.

Learn to rest in, rely on, and release all to Jesus. We have a printable abide tool you can download and use for free here.

5) Grow in your understanding of God's Story, the Bible.

The more time you invest in learning God’s Word, the more you will understand His heart. Sharing Jesus with others will be a natural overflow of your growing relationship when you know His will, His ways, and His Word. Maybe you set a goal to memorize one verse a week from a particular passage you re-read. If you need a place to get started, download our 5 Steps to Bible Study printable here.

6) Strengthen your daily prayer life, and pray for opportunities to share Jesus.

Prayer changes the lives of the people you are praying for, but it also changes your life. See seven tips to a powerful prayer life here. You can focus on one tip a week and watch your prayer life evolve. Or you may be led to fast and pray for an urgent need, download this printable tool.

7) Learn to lean on the Holy Spirit and live in God's strength as a disciple maker of Jesus.

Learn and grow in your understanding of how the Holy Spirit equips you to share Jesus with others. Sometimes the most challenging words you face as a disciple maker of Jesus are saying, “do you know Jesus?” Use our Listen, Learn, Love, Lord tool to share Jesus with confidence, and take our Be a Disciple Maker Course for free. Learn to lean on the Holy Spirit to give you strength, overcome obstacles, and grow in godliness.

You can do this. Grow as a disciple maker of Jesus, and watch how He will reach others through you.

Remember, God has already prepared good works for you to do in every season of your life–

in this coming year and beyond.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Your part is to enjoy Him every day and exalt Him by sharing His love with others. As Jesus said there is “no commandment greater” than to . . .

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

Maybe your first resolution this year will be to memorize this Bible verse and to be “All In with Him,” as we like to say.


If you are ready to add all seven of these resolutions to your New Year’s resolution list for 2023, you can accomplish them all in only seven weeks. Take the 50-day journey to get 2023 off to a great start—get Your True Story here (several translations now available)


Your True Story is seven weeks, and each week will help you implement each step of the seven resolutions above. Not only will you deepen your friendship with Jesus, but you will also learn how to apply Biblical truths to everyday life. You will learn to live each day with God at the center of it all for this year and beyond.

Are you ready to live with your all for God's glory this year?


Seven Ways to Grow as a Disciple Maker of Jesus | allinmin.org
Seven Ways to Grow as a Disciple Maker of Jesus | allinmin.org

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