Roaring the Name of Jesus in the Roaring Twenties

One hundred years ago, the 20s were called the “Roaring Twenties.”

War had ended, the economy was booming, and new styles in music, clothing, and art emerged. 


Sadly, everything changed in the 30s. 


Known as the “Dirty Thirties,” this decade was marked by economic calamity, in part because of the severe dust storms, which lengthened the Great Depression. 

Roaring twenties - What we do in our 20s affects our 30s. We can define this decade with disciple-making!

Why the history lesson?

After attending the Passion Conference in Atlanta last month, we learned that the dust storms were completely preventable(!?!). 


During the roaring twenties, Non-farmers, eager to get rich, headed west to farm the prairie lands with poor farming methods. 


President Roosevelt called these folks a “generation of self-seekers,” as years of greed caused years of distress. 


Therefore Passion’s point: What we do in our 20s affects our 30s.

Thinking of All In, we can learn from history.

Let’s approach the ministry differently. 


Let’s focus on disciple-making vs. platform-building. 


Let’s give our training curriculum away instead of focusing on sales. 


Let’s operate as a lean, (mostly) volunteer-based ministry, rather than spending time/money on donor development.

Bottom line: Let us be the ministry God is calling us to be.

Yes, what we do in this decade will affect the next.

Roaring twenties - Let's define the 2020's with Disciple-Making! Women raising hands in India at the All In Conference.

Let’s welcome this decade as the Roaring Twenties, but let us roar the name of JESUS!!!

Together, we can roar His name loudly with the materials, conferences, and community we create. 


Together, we can help ignored, marginalized, under-resourced women around the world discover the Lion of Judah!  


Together, we can define this decade with disciple-making! 

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