Our Why–the Number One Reason All In Ministries Exists

All In Ministries International (All In) exists for one reason: to disciple under-resourced women worldwide and equip them to be disciple makers of Jesus. 


Here’s why—there is a global crisis of identity, truth, and purpose among women around the world.  


Please take a moment to watch this short video and hear All In’s Founder and President, Susan Freese, share about our vision to ignite a movement of women disciple makers and learn how you can join us. 

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This recording is from Leadership Network’s Next Ventures in September 2022, where All In presented alongside eleven other ministries in this “Shark Tank” style event.

"We have discovered that when you give a woman value, you give her a voice and she will use it to spread the message of the gospel."

God has opened our eyes to see the incredible need—and potential—for discipling women in under-resourced nations around the world.  


We’ve trained thousands—10,000+ in person and hundreds more through online trainings and resources—and the impact of their ministries is immeasurable . . .  

Lives Transformed—Communities Reached—Generations Changed

East Asia All In
"Becoming a disciple who makes disciples has now become our core value." - Leader in East Asia

Our vision is to ignite a movement of women to disciple women across cultures for God’s glory. We do this by training, equipping, and mentoring women worldwide to be disciple makers of Jesus—changing the world, one woman at a time. 


You can be part of what God is doing in and through women around the world.  


You can help launch a movement of women disciple makers. 

Yes, you too can witness someone learning for the first time of God’s incredible love for them. You can share the hope, freedom, life, and purpose Jesus invites them to receive—and watch with joy as they are transformed by His love! 

You can also equip women who love Jesus but don’t know how to abide in Him intimately or walk out their purpose in Him. You can help them learn how to pray, study the Bible, share their faith, and persevere in suffering.  

You can be a trainer.

This God-size vision we’re called to cannot be accomplished by a handful of women—no, we need to multiply disciple makers and trainers around the world, so that ALL may know Jesus.  


And that’s why we need your help.  


As we move forward in advancing the gospel through women, you are invited to join us:  

1) Use Our Tools—and Share Them with Others

We freely offer biblical, simple, reproducible training and online resources to equip others to be and make disciples. You can learn the essentials of disciple making in about one hour through our free online course, Be a Disciple Maker. You can also download free printable resources for discipleship—we have guides for how to abide, fast and pray, study the Bible, and more. 

We are also thrilled to share that our Women’s Disciple-Making Workshop Training Guide is now available for you to use anywhere God leads! Our Training Guide makes it easy for you to equip women worldwide to be disciples who make disciples through our proven disciple-making workshop. 


Use the Training Guide yourself, or share it with ministry leaders, missionaries, or missions pastors who could incorporate a training for women in their existing ministry and missions. Our prayer is that this resource would be a tool to multiply trainers who multiply disciple makers among women across cultures for God’s global glory.  

All In Uganda
The women in this photo "literally turned these two counties into centers of Bible study, prayer and evangelism" in Uganda.

2) Pay it Forward

All In Eastern Europe
"I came to the conference feeling my life was meaningless. Now I found new meaning for my life. I know how to abide in Christ and make disciples." - Workshop Participant, Eastern Europe

We freely give away our training and resources around the world because of God’s grace and mission-minded believers, like you, who join us on this mission by partnering with us financially.  


As you give to All In, you enable us to freely train and support thousands of women around the world—and their lives, families, and communities are transformed as a result! We reach nations through volunteers worldwide, operating lean with a virtual culture to leverage as many resources as possible for multiplying disciples.  


As the ministry multiplies, our Core Team is growing as well. You can support the ministry God is doing through All In by becoming a Monthly Change Partner or giving a one-time donation.*   

3) Help Us Serve Others

We are devoted to Jesus, His Word, and His church—and we are always looking for like-minded church leaders and missionaries who want to equip women to be disciple makers of Jesus. 


Whether it’s through online or in-person Disciple-Making Workshops, our team would be honored to serve alongside your church and ministry. You can help connect us with trusted ministry partners around the world.  

"Together, we can reach women—who reach families and nations—so that the blind see, and the deaf hear, and God’s glory spreads across the world as the waters cover the sea."

Are You All In?

*All In Ministries International Incorporated (All In) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations to All In are income-tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  


Our Why The Number One Reason All In Ministries Exists | allinmin.org
Why All In Ministries Exists | allinmin.org

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