One Woman Changed Liberia and the change continues

God gave her a dream: Come together. Wear white. Sit silently and pray. One woman inspired many women to stage a silent protest that eventually brought peace to Liberia after years of civil war. But, the story of change does not end there…


Liberian Women rallied for peace and one woman led the way

Ebola hit Liberia.


Many of these women leaders partnered with a Jacksonville-based ministry called Empower Women Leaders (EWL) to help stop Ebola in Liberia in 2014.


They also came together to create a school for the children left by Ebola victims.


Change is in the air again in Liberia.


Peace in government or hope in the next generation may help bring a brighter tomorrow for a nation, but not for eternity.


That’s why EWL has invited All In to partner in Liberia to train 150 women leaders to become disciple-makers. Women leaders from all over West Africa (mostly new pastor’s wives) will head to Liberia in March for a three-day All In conference.


Imagine what God could do through the ministry of these women – who have stopped civil war and Ebola –  to radically change their nation and the surrounding nations for God’s glory!


The three-day All In conference will cover:


  • God’s story, their identity and purpose
  • How to abide and study the Bible
  • How to pray and worship
  • How to share their faith and serve in the power of the Holy Spirit…and so much more!

Not only will we be training leaders to be disciple-makers, but also we will be serving Ebola Orphans at Peace Island. We hope to bring an early Easter blessing to encourage them to follow Christ.


Through your prayers and support, you can be a part of this mission.


Will you help bring eternal change to West Africa?

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