Everything New Believers Need In One Book

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This book for new Christians is more than a book.

Can you picture this? After years of prayer, your friend or loved one finally receives Jesus.


Years of pride—either believing they didn’t need God’s salvation or believing they needed to earn God’s salvation—were stripped away, and God’s grace flooded their life.


Now what? You invite them to your weekly church gathering and give them a Bible. And for a time, they start reading it.


But its been months, and they do not read it as often. Maybe they got lost in Leviticus. Or, maybe they tore through it, reading it front to back. Now they wonder what’s next?


We understand. We’ve been there.


Absolutely NOTHING can ever replace the knowledge of God found in the Bible. So, after you tell them to keep reading God’s Word repeatedly (because it is living and active—another lesson for another day), you can provide a new tool for new Christians.


There is no crash course on spiritual maturity, but you can help a new Christian take their next steps in their walk of faith. We can help.

Three in One Book Approach

After many years of work, our brand new faith journey for new Christians will be released to address this issue.


It’s a 50-Day faith journey, covering the essentials of the faith but with a unique approach.

Imagine taking a devotional, Bible study, and Christian handbook/manual and combining them into one engaging tool.


Rest assured, this book is not a self-help book or a “how to be a good Christian” book. It’s about having a real, authentic relationship with God, abiding in Jesus—living with Him.


It is an equipping tool to know how to be a disciple who knows how to make disciples for Jesus.


It’s also about addressing hard issues, like forgiveness, sin, and worship through suffering.


It’s about changing lives that change lives. And those changed lives, change generations and communities.


We don’t say this arrogantly, believing our book has some unique formula. It does not. What it does have are more than 1,400 biblical references to help people know God’s story, their new identity and divine purpose in Christ, and how to live well.


We include practical tips, thought-provoking questions, and close each of the 50-days with a Great Commandment approach. (To help readers think more towards loving God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.)


Written for an international audience, we kept out Western examples, idioms, and humor, but provided engaging lessons of faith to shape every reader’s everyday life.


Below is an excerpt from the book’s opening welcome letter, which explains the book content and a little about the approach:


This book is for those who desire a closer relationship with Jesus. It’s for those who want to apply a lifetime of sacred truths to their lives—without taking a lifetime to learn them all. It’s for those who do not want an ordinary, one-day-a-week, stale religious faith.

The pages within this book hold life-giving treasures wrapped in words waiting to be opened. It has taken me nearly 50 years to collect these treasures, live these lessons, and now share them with you. Whether you are starting your relationship with Jesus or starting over, I invite you to take this 50-day faith journey to guide you on your next steps with Him. You will not hear personal stories (except true stories from God’s Word) because this is not about someone else’s faith journey. It’s your faith journey.

Each week you’ll learn more of the narrative woven through the Bible. Part 1 starts with a wide scope of the overarching story of God. Then, we’ll narrow our focus to your place and purpose in God’s story. This life-changing foundation will stabilize the faith essentials covered in the second part of the journey. At this point, Part 2 also becomes a resource guide you can return to as life’s unexpected circumstances come your way. You’ll discover secrets of the Christian life, like how to abide in Christ, work through doubts, resist temptation, and worship God during seasons of suffering. You’ll also learn practical ways to study the Bible, share your faith with people, and pray. If you have not started a relationship with Jesus, you’ll have an opportunity to take that step. My prayer in sharing these life lessons is that you will encounter God’s love, embrace your part in God’s Story, and learn from my mistakes.

Rest assured, my story is NOT woven throughout the fifty short chapters. We want the focus to be on God’s Story, and helping the reader discover their part in God’s story.

Everything New Chrisitians need in one book to grow | All In Ministries

We Need Your Help

This book was written for a worldwide audience because many countries have few or no discipleship books to help new Christians.


But to get this tool into their hands, the book needs to be translated. And translations are expensive.


We’re praying to raise enough funds from the (B.O.G.O.) sale of the book in Western contexts to fund the translation and free distribution of the book in developing countries.


You can help.


By becoming part of the book’s launch team, you can help spread this book into networks and church groups.


To learn more about what it means to be on the book launch team, please read “4 Perks to Joining Our Book Launch Team” and email us your interest at contact [at] allinmin [dot] org (spelled out to avoid spammers).


And, the next time you have a new believer in your life, you will have a free copy of an eBook to give to your friend as our thanks for your partnership.


To get started right away, we ask for your prayers. This is hard, but holy work. Your prayers for all the details to complete this book are greatly appreciated.


To God be the Glory!

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