Launching a Movement of Women Disciple Makers

We were shocked when experts reported that most ministries do not reach their tenth anniversary. While that fact grieves me greatly, it humbles me to realize that the odds were not in our favor.  


Celebrating our 10-year anniversary in 2022 was a result of God’s grace, many prayers, and faithful volunteers and supporters. I praise God for entrusting us with the mission to train, equip, and mentor “forgotten” women worldwide.   


But, like ten-year-olds, we’re learning and growing daily.


We’re hitting the awkward pre-teen stage of realizing the potential of what’s to come without the structural capacity required to take it “full-on” right now.  


We long to better serve the local church and glorify Jesus worldwide, but we must take each growth step as God ordains.  


Trusting His timing.  


Listening for His voice.  


Walking through doors He opens. 


Our hope and prayers are for women who have little to no access to discipleship training to discover that they are loved, valued, and have a divine purpose—but not stopping there.  

Gods Multiplication at Work India Disciple Making Conference for All In Ministries

We equip women to be disciples of Jesus who make disciples—taking what they learn and making an impact in their families and communities.  


Yet as we maneuver ten-year-old-ministry-life, we realize how massive “discipleship poverty” (as we call it) is in nearly every corner of society.  


No matter how hard we work or how many volunteers we recruit or train, millions of women worldwide remain unreached and unequipped.  


We realize that we must change our strategy—to shift toward multiplication rather than addition. So, we sought God’s heart for our next steps.  

How can we share with others what we’ve come to know?  


How can we take all we have learned these last ten years and impact the world? 


How can we see God’s glory spread across the world as the waters cover the sea?  

We’ve learned how to make disciples across cultures through field experiences, hardships, mistakes, and victories—and we cannot keep this to ourselves.  


The answers to our questions were simply this: launch a movement of women disciple makers 

It’s not enough to make disciples; we must launch disciple makers. Jesus called us to make disciples, and to equip those disciples to entrust the training to others (Titus 2, 2 Tim.2).  

Why Women?

The reason we focus on equipping women worldwide is that cultural restrictions or misunderstood Bible passages sometimes keep women from receiving training. Yet, Psalm 68:11 specifically speaks of an army of women proclaiming the good news:  

The Lord gives the command;
The women who proclaim the good news are a great army.

It is important to consider how women, especially in male-dominated cultures, often flourish in single-gender learning environments. Simply put, women can ask questions and share their faith with peers.  


When they discover they are seen, known, and loved . . .  


When they realize they are chosen, adopted, forgiven, and made new . . .  


When they embrace their divine purpose, learn to abide and be Spirit-led, and are commissioned to make disciples, we hear of . . . 


Lives transformed! Generations changed! Communities reached! PRAISE JESUS!  

Discipleship Training for Womens Equipping Women to be Disciple Makers for Jesus.

Three Strategic Paths Toward Multiplication

Over the last ten years, we’ve been devoted to serving “Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8b). However, we realize to accomplish this goal of launching a movement of women disciple makers, we must also equip our “Jerusalem, and in all Judea”(Acts 1:8a).  


Not only focusing on the hard or far areas in the world, but also the near and closer places that need disciple-making training.  After seeking God’s heart in prayer, we embraced three strategies in three distinct areas toward this new goal of launching an army of women.  


NOTE: As you continue reading, I invite you to pray to see how this goal of launching a movement of women disciple makers relates to you. You may choose to get involved with All In Ministries in more tangible ways, or you may use these strategies and tools for the circles of influence God has entrusted to you.  


As we share our ministry’s next steps, feel free to draw from our strategies to impact your world. The mission of Jesus is for each one of us to affect (or season, like salt) the spaces and places where we are right now (Matt 5:13-16). 


Yes, you can be a part of launching a movement of women disciple makers right where you are. Let’s explore how . . . 

1) Be a Disciple Maker

Through our discipleship resources and mentoring, you can help individuals take their next steps to be a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples. Our digital platforms make it easy to grow as a disciple maker and help others as well.  

  • In about one hour, our free online course, Be a Disciple Maker, will help you create a customized disciple-making plan with the essentials of evangelism and discipleship.

    Answer questions like: 
    – Who should I talk to? 
    – What do I say?  
    – What should I do to help others grow in their new faith?

    With several
    online printable and video resources to support the course, you’ll find everything you need to get started to disciple or mentor others. 

  • Take the 50-day journey through our award-winning, culture-crossing Bible study, Your True Story: The 50-Day Essential Guide to Your New Life with Jesus. Your life can change as you learn a lifetime of faith lessons to walk with Jesus daily.  

2) Be a Trainer

Soon to be released—our women’s disciple-making training workshop curriculum will help you guide a group through a disciple-making workshop.  

After years in development, our free curriculum will help you help others . . . 


  • Discover God’s grand story and their part and purpose in it.
  • Share secrets of the Christian life, like how to abide in Jesus and partner with the Holy Spirit to serve the church.
  • Train practical skills that include having a quiet time, studying and leading weekly Bible studies, and sharing their testimony and the gospel.  

Written by women for women, the curriculum will help you connect to a woman’s heart through Bible stories, examples, and learning activities.  


Each of the eight sessions follows a biblical, simple, repeatable disciple-making strategy.  

If you’re going on a mission trip, add a three-day workshop for women where you’re serving and see generational and community impact. You will never regret investing in the lives of underserved women—their influence is immeasurable. 


You can help our training and mobilization strategy by sharing these tools with your mission’s pastor and missionaries. Share our website and have them contact us. We’d be happy to assist them in any way.   

3) Be a Missions Partner

If you’re a missionary or ministry leader who desires to reach women and equip leaders, we can help.  
We understand how cultural barriers or restrictive conditions can make it difficult to train women to be disciple makers of Jesus. 
We’ve served with missionaries and church leaders since 2011 and understand some of the struggles. You’re not alone. Working with local leaders through ministry partnerships and recruiting, we offer in-person and video conference training workshops worldwide 
If you’re not a missionary or ministry leader, you can still help us launch a movement of women disciple makers by connecting us with church leaders. We’re always looking for trusted national partners to work with to advance the gospel by training, equipping, and mentoring women.  

What is it going to take to see all these accomplished?

Driven by our ministry’s Core Values, we’ll launch a movement—an army—of women disciple makers by trusting God’s promises and obeying what God’s Word says to do.  


Starting with fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) through the Great Commandment (Mark 12:29-31), we will love God with our all and love all because . . .  

"Love never fails"

This is our confidence—Not that we are competent or sufficient in ourselves or our ministry, but our competence comes from God (2 Cor. 3:4-5).  


God will provide everything we need as we abide in Jesus, Our True Vine, and depend on the Holy Spirit to produce lasting fruit (John 15). 

Fruit of Christlike character (Gal. 5:22-23). 


Fruit of praise (Heb. 13:15). 


Fruit of leading others to faith in Jesus (Rom. 1:13-16). 


And, as Jesus said, fruit of love for God and one another (John 15:9-17).  

Yes, we can only do anything of eternal significance through our abiding relationship with Jesus. We must not depend on ourselves: “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord” (Zech. 4:6).  


And when we continue reading Zechariah 4, we are encouraged to see that God does not despise small beginnings (Zech. 4:10). God is orchestrating each step in His perfect timing (Gal. 4:4).  

You're Invited on this Great Journey

As a ten-year-old, pre-teen ministry completely dependent on God to fulfill His Great Commission through the Great Commandment, we need a community to help us grow greatly 

We invite you to join us in this mission to launch a movement of women disciple makers.  

You will find there is no greater way to live than working with God to change lives for eternity. If you’re like me, you want to finish the task God has given you (Acts 20:24) to fulfill the purposes in this generation (Acts 13:36).  

How will you respond? Are you All In? 

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You can provide immediate help by praying for us, using and sharing our tools, supporting us financially, and connecting us with other ministry leaders.  


For ten years, we relied on God’s grace, many prayers, and faithful partnerships for each step in this journey—and that’s how we will continue to grow.  


Let me invite you to get involved in launching a movement of women disciple makers. You’ll never regret advancing the gospel—and walking close to God in this journey that He designed you to take.    


Together, we can change the world one woman at a time.  


God’s glory is our reward,  


Susan Freese 
Founder & President  


Launching a Movement of Women Disciple Makers |
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