Mama, It’s All About the Underwear

When our bouncy boys were younger, my daily goal was three-fold: keep them alive until bedtime, love them, and teach them about Jesus. That’s it. That was enough. Most days, I don’t think I did those three things well.


These days, my parenting style is like kite-flying…I’m letting out the string a little at a time. Well, my oldest son has been wanting to soar on the high-winds for forever it seems. No fear and no challenge is too great for him.


Flying a kite and sometimes life is not just that easy.He’s begged to come with us on a mission for years. He would present his “three compelling arguments” and I would offer objections.


Me: Conferences are intensive. No entertainment.


Son: I sit in class all day. I’m used to boring. (My eyebrows shoot up as if to say, “intensive does not equal boring.”)


Me: Weather will be hot.


Son: We live in Florida.


Me: The flights are long.


Son: Mama, it’s all about the underwear. (Yes, this is his survival plan for long flights: good, comfy  undies.)


South Africa women's conference with All In Ministries
South Africa Women’s conference


The reality is I wasn’t ready. When I’m on a mission, it’s not a pleasure trip. I didn’t want the distraction of parenting while serving long, hard days. I figured, I did not bring the boys when I traveled in the corporate sector, why would I do that on a mission?


Then, God interrupted my life.


This mission is not about me. It’s never been about me. What God is doing through me is to display His glory. To make disciples who make disciples…and that starts at home.


I teach this regularly and here it is I need to listen to my own words. Authentic faith is caught. Not taught. No amount of training on this side of the ocean…this side of comfort…will ever prep him for what he’ll see or do on a mission.


Family in India riding together
Family vehicle in India


He needs to see the gospel presented in a hidden rooftop room in a remote village and in a large auditorium. He needs to see God heal the sick as we pray. He needs to see the impoverished people we serve live a joy-filled life fully dependent on God.


He cannot just hear about it any longer.  He needs to see Acts 1:8 lived out beyond the safe, comfy zones of our home.


So, we’re taking him to India. He has a list of to-dos to get ready: Learn photography, teach a children’s gospel story, present his testimony, learn Krav Maga (self-defense), and read spiritual discipleship books.  He’s ready. He’s long been ready…and now, by God’s grace, so am I.


But…we could use your prayers. (Connect here for a list of prayer requests for this mission.)


My son will soon find out the survival plan has nothing to do with comfortable underwear. He’ll soon be out of his comfort zone and that, I believe, sets God up to display His work in greater ways.


What about you? How are you going to demonstrate authentic faith to the next generation? Share in the comments below.


P.S. Can you financially help with this mission? We need to raise $7,000 to pay for the conferences/ministry in three cities and the city-wide outreach event. (In America, we’d pay 20 times more for only insurance on a large-scale event. Yet, these funds will allow outreach to thousands.) The total mission goal is $10,000. You can donate here:

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