How far would you go to grow in Christ?

On one of our missions to South Asia, women came from all over—leaders from house churches and women ready to learn to be disciple makers. 


Many of these women risked everything to come. Some lost their jobs, some were mocked, and others were physically and verbally abused for attending the All In Disciple Making Conference.


Yet they still came, even sleeping on concrete floors in 110 degrees (fahrenheit) heat. 

How far would you go to grow in Christ? Women came to the All In Conference and were sleeping on mats because they want to learn.

Why did they do this?


Not only are these women determined to grow in Christ, but they are also considered the “keepers of religion” in their culture. It is their role to learn about Jesus and pass it along, but few women have access to training. 


One woman shared how her son threw her out of her home after our first conference because of her commitment to Jesus. But she did not waiver. Through her perseverance and faith in Jesus, she started two house churches with more than 100 in attendance. 


But it gets even better. Her son’s heart softened, and his eyes opened to his need for Jesus. He prayed to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord. Yes, her entire household was saved!


A blind woman who attended our conference in India told of how she routinely walks to surrounding villages to share the gospel. She not only shares the gospel three times a day, but also does the peoples’ housework to take every opportunity she can to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. If the housework is already done, she offers to give back and neck massages while sharing Jesus with them.


Every single day, she shares Jesus—not with one person but with three. 


She returned to attend our follow-up conference to grow in Christ even more. Because she desires to share the gospel with others, investing time in her relationship with Jesus and growing in knowledge is part of the process.

“It is dangerous to have zeal without knowledge, and the one who acts hastily makes poor choices”

Have you ever thought about how far you would go to grow in Christ?

Most of us don’t have to sleep on mats in 110-degree weather, walk for miles, or worry about losing our job to learn and deepen our faith in Jesus.


But what does it really mean to grow in Christ? How can you grow?


Growing in Christ requires spending time and investing in your relationship with Jesus.


Every day spent seeking to learn through God’s Word, in prayer, and applying what you learn to your life—with God’s help—will help you grow in Christ.


Let the women who attend our conferences with little to no discipleship resources inspire you to grow—we need to be hungry to learn like they are. 


So how hungry are you? Are you ready to grow in Christ?


Living with God and for His glory every day is how you will grow in Christ. 


If you are ready to invest in your relationship with Jesus and apply what you learn daily with God’s help, you will grow and truly experience change. 


Each day can become an essential part of your faith journey. Most growth happens on your ordinary days as you rely on God, trusting and obeying Him.


When your heart aligns with God’s will, your purpose becomes clear.


You start to practice daily steps to walk with Jesus, and He works in and through you.


God will give you opportunities to grow. As you obey, He sharpens you with each new challenge, and new growth happens.


Obedience is an essential part of growing in Christ.

Here are some daily practices to learn to grow in Christ:

• Learn how to abide in Christ (drawing on His life as your source)

• Learn how to study and memorize Scripture

• Learn how to apply the Bible to your life

• Learn how to pray with God and discern His voice

• Learn how to lean on the Holy Spirit for strength, guidance, and comfort

Gather with other believers to pray, study the Bible, and learn to apply God’s will to your life through God’s Word. 


Roots form when we take action, and growth soon follows.


We also want to mention—you don’t need to practice spiritual disciplines to gain salvation. It is a free gift from Jesus. If you haven’t accepted Jesus, we invite you to find out how right here


You also don’t have to earn God’s love through daily practices. There is nothing you can do to earn or lose God’s love.


But if you want to truly grow in Christ, apply God’s Word with God’s help. Live with Jesus at the center of your life, not at the top of your checklist.

“When Christ, WHO IS YOUR LIFE, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory”

As an international ministry, we offer free resources and training to women who have very limited or no access to discipleship tools. They are hungry to learn about God and apply it.

Be a Change Partner

Invest in equipping women worldwide to be disciple makers of Jesus

Some women we’ve met have never heard they are valuable for anything other than procreation. When they realize God loves them and their purpose goes beyond procreation—they want to learn everything they can to share it with others. 

Your Turn to Grow In Christ

If you want to grow in Christ, we have free resource tools available for everyone. Visit our printable and video resources


Realizing the great need for discipleship resources worldwide, we have created a book called Your True Story to teach believers a lifetime of faith essentials in only 50 days. Along with our seven-week faith journey, each week has free discipleship resources that can be used and shared with others.


This new Bible study is now being translated into other languages to serve believers from all walks of life throughout many different nations. 


Your True Story is more than a book—it’s a mission. Currently, for each copy sold, one is given to a believer in a developing nation. We want to get this book into the hands of as many people worldwide as possible so they can grow in Christ.


If you would like to invest in the mission of advancing the gospel to the unreached population and under-resourced believers, you can give here.


So are you ready?


Let’s be hungry to grow in Christ and share Jesus with every people group.  

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  1. Susan thank you so much for all the tools to help us talk with others about Christ. It has helped me as I grow up to become like Jesus. He came to speak of the Kingdom and to heal. Thank you for your heart and perseverance.

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