How to Fast and Pray

Churches and governments around the world are calling believers to fast and pray in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

But how do we fast and pray?


Watch Susan Freese, ministry founder and president, share important do’s and don’ts to fasting in prayer.  


In this quick lesson, Susan shares inspiring stories, as well as practical take-aways.  You’ll also learn some incredible news from Africa.  

*Consult your doctor before beginning a fast.

After the video, forward this email to others and download the fasting tool from our website resource page.  

Free Printable

How to Fast in Prayer with easy steps to get started.

This article Fasting for Beginners also offers some wonderful insight and simple tips for beginning to fast.


Together, let’s join believers around the world, as we fast and pray for revival, spiritual awakening, and protection.  
As Susan said, “on the Kingdom calendar, we’re up!” Will you join in prayer and fasting?  

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