God’s Love is Even Greater than a Mother’s Love

Happy Mother's Day!

In celebrating Mother’s Day, we recognize the love and warmth we may have taken for granted the majority of this year and shower our mothers with the appreciation, recognition, and gratitude they so rightfully deserve. Our moms have been a refuge for us since the day we were born, holding us while we cry and supporting us when we thrive. It’s only natural we would want to show our thankfulness. 


While many will take the time to buy flowers or write a special note, there are those that will spend the day in sorrow. We acknowledge and pray for those who are suffering from the loss of their mother, are yearning to be one, have never known their mother, or  have a strained relationship. Our hearts go out to you as we ask Jesus for His divine peace to wash over you and to receive the good news we have for you today:


No matter what your life has looked like, the God of the Universe is here to comfort and guide you through any hardship, much like a mother would. We know this because the truths in the Bible tell us that God immediately activated a rescue plan when we became wayward children (Gen. 3:1-15). He gave His only son, Jesus, to die for our sins and rise from the grave three days later to defeat death. He did this so we could receive the opportunity for eternal life—an unending friendship with God. He wants to spend an eternity with us, away from this broken world that holds so much hurt, sorrow, and pain.


God’s immense and unstoppable love for us is written in countless ways throughout the Bible, but Isaiah 49 in particular gives us an insight into one of the best analogies to explain it. 


God compares this affection towards us to that of a nursing mother. That incredibly tight and indescribable bond between a mother and her newborn child is the way by which God chose to illustrate this love. He then goes further to say that even though a mother can abandon us, He will never do such a thing. 


Nothing can separate us from His love (Rom. 8:39), and this is the message to remember this Mother’s Day. Yes, His love is greater than that of a mother’s love. 


Susan Freese, Founder of All In Ministries, spoke on Isaiah 49 last Mother’s Day. We invite you to view the video below to learn the full context of her valuable teaching.

You can have a real relationship with God, and trust Him to rescue and lead you. God is like a good mother…He wants a relationship with you. He will never forget you.


We wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.


Gods Love is Even Greater Than a Mother's Love view the Mother's Day message | allinmin.org
Gods Love is Even Greater Than a Mother's Love view the Mother's Day message | allinmin.org

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  1. Such a beautiful article with the truth! God, thank you so much for being our everything🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️ We trust & love you!

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