Free Resources and 3 Reasons for Discipling Under-Resourced Women

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The most neglected part of the Great Commission is Jesus’ instruction to “teach them to obey all I have commanded” (Matt. 28:20). Conversion by the power of the Holy Spirit is only the beginning. Teaching Jesus’ complete commission changes our perspectives and priorities. Ultimately, His truth transforms our lives.
Sadly, many women around the world have no one to disciple them because of cultural limitations or restrictive conditions. Believing women in many countries are largely forgotten, left to navigate their new faith on their own. Discipled women, though, have enormous potential to reach their communities for Jesus.
Consider the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. Once she encountered Jesus, her priorities changed. She dropped everything and told everyone about Jesus. Many in the town were saved as a result. We see this same response now when women are equipped.

Here are three reasons why All In Ministries focus is on training women to be disciple-makers: 


1) Missionaries say women are “the keepers of religion” in many cultures. 

In many countries, women are responsible for religious offerings or observances in homes. Women often lead their families in worship, presenting offerings in household shrines or ringing bells at certain times. When women become believers, they are often interested in discipleship because they have a similar role in their own culture.

2) Women can spread the gospel in places closed to Christianity.

Women can go into places closed to missionaries (and native male believers) because they are not viewed as a threat. When women are discipled, they can use their access to advance the gospel. Entire villages and tribes have been saved as a result.

3) Christian discipleship training for women is limited or nonexistent in many places.

Cultural limitations sometimes prevent missionaries from investing in women. In some countries, women are not permitted to ask questions of male believers. Women are missing support needed to grow and to disciple others, as well basic resources, like Bibles. When they are discipled and equipped, women spread the gospel to other women and children.

Changed women change the world.


Free Christian Resources for Discipleship:

We have compiled a list of free Christian resources to help women grow in their own faith and disciple others.

Bibles and Reading Plans

Search by keywords or passages in multiple translations, listen to audio Bibles or subscribe to email devotionals and reading plans using Bible Gateway.


Bible Videos

Short animated videos of each book of the Bible (and Bible themes) that help people experience the Bible as a unified story leading to Jesus. (Translations:

Bible Questions Answered

Find answers to a large assortment of questions – from theology and Bible questions to Christian living and religion comparisons – with this biblically faithful resource from


Bible Word/ Passage Study Tool

For commentaries, cross-referencing, word studies (including original languages with audio pronunciation), visit the Blue Letter Bible. 

Bible Training

Theologically sound Bible seminars taught by professors/pastors and offered for free. 

Evangelism Resources

Share Jesus using tools and videos (including “The Jesus Film”) offered in many languages.

Theological Library for Older Works

The Theological Commons is a digital library of more than 120,000 free Christian resources on theology and religion. It consists mainly of public domain books.

Listen to Online Sermons

Christian radio and internet ministry that play a wide variety and diverse selection of messages from different ministries. 
Use these free Christian resources to disciple yourself and others. Not only will God work in you, but He will work through you as you fulfill the entire Great Commission.
Free Christian Resources All In Ministries (All In) Women's Conference where hundreds of women gather to be equipped to be disciple-makers for Jesus.

Want to do more? 

Partner with us to disciple and equip women worldwide with the gospel. Women are waiting.


Let’s go ALL IN.

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