When We Equip a Woman Incredible Things Happen—Powerful Testimonies from All In

What happens when we equip women as disciple makers of Jesus?

In June, All In Ministries International (All In) trained women leaders by facilitating three international disciple-making conferences— two in Kenya and one in Uganda.

Something astonishing happened . . .

We saw lives changed, eyes opened, and hearts renewed. A new passion stirred inside each soul, as women were hearing and accepting spiritual truths for the first time. Leaders absorbed and applied the practical strategies to live out those truths immediately. They were training others and preparing them to go to the next conference, even before we left!


Each time Susan referenced a Scripture verse, all heads went down to take notes as if she was revealing the formula to unlock a hidden treasure.


These women leaders were hungry for God’s Word and eager to learn all they could to share the message of Jesus.


Sadly, ministry to women internationally is often overlooked, neglected, or completely misunderstood. 

“Leaders seldom realize that women's behaviors change in single-gender environments. Women are more comfortable asking questions, being vulnerable, sharing their faith, and volunteering.”

When We Equip a Woman Incredible Things Can Happen—Powerful Testimonies from All In using our Discipleship Training curriculum
Kenyan women leaders attending the second Kenya 2022 All In Disciple Making Conference

What would happen if we rethink women’s ministry worldwide?

The possibilities are exciting and is one of the reasons All In exists as a ministry. If we equip women with discipleship training and tools to be disciple makers of Jesus in all nations, women could help advance the Gospel to the ends of the earth.


Women are natural nurturers—and connectors.


In most cultures, women are the “keepers of religion.” They perform daily spiritual practices in their homes, train the children, and can speak into the lives of those around them often more easily than men.


When women become Christ-followers, they have an authentic desire to know how to live their faith. Yet, few people invest in women—sometimes the lack of training is due to cultural restrictions. That’s why All In works with church leaders and missionaries to offer disciple-making training for women, and the results are incredible.

Equipping a woman opens eyes.

The gap in women’s ministry, especially internationally where it is often non-existent or dormant, leaves women without the knowledge and tools to share.


“This conference opened up a new world to me. I thought only pastors were allowed to evangelize and disciple others. Now, I know I can do it, and I know how to do it! I will take this back home and share with my family and village.” – Participant Kenya All In Disciple-Making Conference.

When We Equip a Woman Incredible Things Can Happen—Powerful Testimonies from All In
Testimony from a woman at the Kenya 2022 All In Disciple Making Conference

Equipping a woman changes lives.

When she learns to share Jesus with others and trains them how to share with easily accessible tools, her family, community, and even her nation can change.


It was exhilarating to hear Pauline (a pastor’s wife) say, “I discovered that sharing my faith in Jesus with those who don’t know God is easier than I thought! I’m excited because I also learned how to study the Bible and lead a Bible study group.”


Another excited participant, Eunice (a recent widow) said when we asked during the training who in their lives is far from God, she thought of her son. “After learning to share my faith more effectively, I thought of my son, who is far from God and whom I haven’t talked to in many months. Last night, he called!!! (Answered prayer). . . I told him I was looking for a casket! (She was being funny about him not calling her.) I told him to come home and bring sugar. I was so happy to hear from him and share what I was learning.”

Equipping a woman defies cultural barriers.

When We Equip a Woman Incredible Things Can Happen—Powerful Testimonies from All In
A woman shares her testimony at the first All In Kenya 2022 Conference

Jesus came for all people. Cultural barriers exist everywhere—women are often told by their cultures how to view themselves or others. 


We’ve met women who think they aren’t valued, loved, or accepted. We’ve also encountered women who believe that they can’t share with others because of differences in religion or other factors. 


A woman at the first Kenya conference shared, “I learned a lot, especially that Jesus came for all people. I learned that God loves all people and to go to all people. This was new to me–to learn that we are equal in the sight of the Lord.”

Equipping a woman gives hope.

Ruth, a Kenyan leader shared, “I learned the secret of a Christian life to abide in Jesus and persevere, not to lose hope. God is love, and my faith is now stable. I need to be filling my mind with the Word of God, and be filled with the Holy Spirit so when trials come, I know that God is with me and He loves me.”


A Ugandan woman testified, “When I came here to the conference, I was empty, but now I am filled…and I want to teach what I was taught.”


“I thank God for this meeting because I learned so many things! I am a missionary, but I did not know how to disciple others. Now, I know how to abide in Jesus and make disciples. God gave me so much encouragement for ministry. I feel like this conference was just for me! I learned much more about the love of God.”–Ugandan woman’s leader

Equipping a woman is love.

Many cultures worldwide marginalize women, and many do not know they are allowed to share Jesus.


One Ugandan woman told us that she thought only men were allowed to share. She could not believe it when she heard Susan teach. She was so glad and so surprised to see a woman! She went back and told all her family what she had experienced. Then she said, “How many prayers Susan must have prayed for her to be able to teach all of these things?!” She now understands how important her life is and how she can use her life to reach others. She said through tears, “This women’s conference changed my life.”

When We Equip a Woman Incredible Things Can Happen—Powerful Testimonies from All In
Ugandan woman leader shares her testimony at the All In Disciple Making Conference

Equipping women equips men too.

During this double mission, not only did we have several incredible pastors help lead and host, but we also had several pastors attend—roles reversed. Rather than women listening outside during men’s conferences or pastors conferences, men were gathering in larger numbers each day of the conferences to listen from outside the open church windows or the side or back of the sanctuary. We welcomed them to join us and participate, which many did.  


The unexpected blessing of the pastors participating was that they got to see the women’s glorious response to the training. They were surprised at how much the women wanted to grow their faith, and how quickly they took action to share with others what they were learning. 


"Through the two conferences, we have learned that our ladies are hungry for God's Word and for discipleship. They want to be equipped and empowered to play their indispensable role in the church of Christ. Women's ministry, in our churches, is a sleeping giant/lioness. Your ministry to us in Kenya helped open our eyes to that reality and potential. It was very evident that our ladies are ready to rise up and be true ambassadors of Christ in their families, communities, and churches."

When We Equip a Woman Incredible Things Can Happen—Powerful Testimonies from All In
Pastor Charles Juma speaking at the first Kenya All In 2022 Disciple Making Conference


Pastor Charles wisely knew the potential of training women long before he saw it unfold before him. He wrote to us back in late 2021 with an invitation to come to Kenya, casting his vision . . . 

“Women are playing a critical role in the African revival.


That is true for several reasons:


One, women are the majority in our churches.


Two, African women are more receptive to the gospel than their male counterparts.


Three, women see the church here as a community where they can share their burdens with each other and with the Lord without fear.


Four, African women love to sing, dance, and worship as a community.


Five, African women have a unique opportunity to shape the next generation of our children and youth, because they are largely responsible for raising them up.


Six, the African woman deals with so many challenges – economic, cultural, social, spiritual, etc. She needs encouragement and is already very open to God’s word and counsel. The list goes on.


The African woman is at the heart of the African revival. We must introduce her to Jesus, teach her, and release her to live and share her story with her world like the Samaritan Woman of old.”

The men were so encouraged to see the women leaders grasp the training . . .

Senior Pastor Ben made the closing remarks for the first conference,“You have awakened the women to their role in Christ and the Kingdom.”


And, all the people said, amen.

Equipping a woman ignites her to fulfill her divine purpose to enjoy God and to exalt Him.

Our ultimate vision at All In is to ignite a movement of women to disciple women across cultures for God’s glory [Revelation 7:9]. 


One pastor’s wife powerfully shared, “I felt something important was going to happen here at this conference. After the first training day, I woke up, and instead of throwing off my blankets and getting to work, I grabbed my Bible and met with Jesus as Susan taught us. I felt God spoke to me through the Bible and so I got up and shared it with my husband. I taught him the 10-1-1 approach. Today my life is changed!”

When We Equip a Woman Incredible Things Can Happen—Powerful Testimonies from All In
Testimony from a pastor's wife at the second Kenya 2022 All In Disciple Making Conference

She motivated every participant when she closed by saying, “Most of the time, we perish for lack of knowledge. When I sit with women, I will be instructing them as I was taught. I learned we have a great place in the church, and we need to come together to fulfill our call in the church. We can accept people as they are and help them know God’s love. So from today on, I am a different woman. I have been empowered by God. I leave this place different. I stand in the gap to represent Our Risen Jesus. Let us arise and change our families, churches, and communities!


Yes, let us all arise and change our families, churches, and communities—ALL for His Glory alone.


Thank you to all those who prayed and partnered with us financially to see lives change in Kenya and Uganda. By God’s grace and many prayers, we are changing the world together one women at a time. 


When We Equip a Woman Incredible Things Can Happen—Powerful Testimonies from All In
When We Equip a Woman Incredible Things Can Happen—Powerful Testimonies from All In

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  1. Ah Susan, I am so excited and encouraged by this wonderful report. It has been such a joy to see the results in Africa with your leadership and teaching. I just praise God for how he continues to use you and leaders in Africa to make a difference in their country through equipping women in ministry.

    It is remarkable to hear women share that much of what you are teaching is a new to them.
    I am convinced that God has blessed your ministry by making it a woman to woman ministry, a ministry of discipleship and training. I firmly believe that there will be eternal benefits reaching far beyond the conferences themselves. Thank you for your willingness to serve in places far off the beaten track were forgotten and marginalized women need to know the love and the calling of Christ in their own lives. Praise God

    1. Stan, your encouragement, prayers, and partnership in the gospel mean so much to me. Thank you for connecting us with your trusted national leader, and casting the vision to invest in women. Because of God’s grace, many prayers, and your step of trusting obedience, we were able to serve our precious sisters and brothers in Kenya. (That step opened the door into Uganda.) You and Gloria are very much part of the mission, and I’m eternally grateful. Please keep praying for the seeds sown and for more doors to open. All for God’s glory alone—Susan

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