Do You Know the Colors of Easter?

Bare walls. Empty desks. Old chalkboards. A handful of pencils. All In Ministries International (All In) had the privilege of serving a new school for Ebola orphans the day before the All In women’s conference in Liberia.


Little did we know that what we would provide would be the greatest treasure for some of these children. A gift that one little boy would never put down.


Girl holds up one of the gift bags we delivered.


What did we give the orphans? We gave them the colors of Easter.


One of the teachers tells the Easter story to the children in Liberia.The volunteer teachers at this tuition-free school gathered the 100+ orphans tightly together in one large room for an Easter program. The children listened attentively as an All In team member read the Easter story.


“The tomb was empty!!” The children smiled and clapped. Death defeated. Oh, how real death was to these little ones.


Passive learning turned to active learning as the kids strung beads to learn the colors of Easter to make a cross necklace.



Yes, the colors of Easter.  Do you know these gospel colors?


Dark – the color of night that separates the day. Our sin separates us from God.


Red – the color of blood that Jesus shed for us. His death paid the penalty for our sin.


White – the color of light. Jesus rose from the dead and is alive! He is the light of the world. Those of us who turn from our ways (repent) and put our faith in Jesus only for salvation, walk in the light. We follow Jesus and our sins are forgiven.


Blue – the color of water. Believers are baptized with water as our first step of obedience as a Christ-follower.


Green – the color of grass and trees that grow all around us. We are to grow as Christ-followers through praying, studying the Bible, sharing Jesus with others, and becoming a part of a local church.


Purple – the color of royalty. Christ-followers are sons and daughters of the King of Kings – a member of God’s forever family.


Yellow – the color of gold. The streets of our heavenly home are paved with gold. Christ-followers will be there together without sin, pain, or fear. We will be with Jesus, safe and loved forever in God’s Kingdom. 



Girl with cross necklace at orphanage in Liberia.


Liberian school's Vice Principal
School’s Vice Principal

“Say again,” the volunteer teachers at this tuition-free school asked to understand the meaning behind each color. The teachers repeated the story first to the other teachers and then to the children, so they all remembered the colors of Easter.




Each child received an Easter gift bag with a shirt, snack, Easter book, and a hand-written letter from a friend’s second-grade class. We learned that this was the most precious possession of some of the children.

The most tender of all stories came the next day.


Colors of Easter Children holding up gift bags


We heard that some of the children did not want to take off their cross necklace or put their Easter gift bags down. When the caregiver asked a boy “what are you going to do with it when you go to sleep?” The orphan did not answer. Instead, the caregiver found the boy sleeping with the cross necklace on and the Easter bag as his pillow.


Boy with his cross necklace learning the colors of Easter at the All In Liberia Orphanage visit.


Our hearts melted when we heard the story. We learned we could sponsor these children for $35 per month through GlobalFingerprints – a Christian ministry of ReachGlobal (You can, too by clicking here).


Equipping Women Leader's Ministry founder, Shelly Timbol, with trained women leaders who volunteer at the school and in their community.
Equipping Women Leader’s Ministry founder, Shelly Timbol, with trained women leaders who volunteer at the school and in their community.

And, you may be thinking, what happened to the 400 pounds of donated school supplies All In collected? We delivered them, and they will be put to use IMMEDIATELY!


No more bare walls or empty desks – thanks to the generosity of so many friends, neighbors, church members, and family.


All In’s mission is to change the world one woman at a time. But, it is impossible to serve women without loving their children. (And, vice versa.) Because…


People gather at the orphanage to teach children about God's love and the colors of Easter.


Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white. They are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.


A boy enjoys his snack from the gifts bags delivered to the orphans in Liberia.


And so do we.

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