Crazy God Math in Ethiopia

Have you ever volunteered at a nonprofit or ministry and, after serving, you felt like you were the one who was served?  You show up at a food pantry or the Boys and Girls Club to help others, but on your way out the door you discover you were the one who was blessed through serving. You volunteer to fill a role in the student ministry at your church, but in return you were filled. Something soul-stirring takes place after you give of yourself. You planned to give, but you received instead. Know the feeling?


I call that Crazy God Math.


Turns out, Crazy God Math comes in different forms and exists in different cultures.


We were invited by a pastor in Ethiopia from Great Commission Ministries (GCM) for All In to come train women leaders. He said…


“We built a training network in seven strategic locations across the country to train pastors…but women have a key role in the local church. When you disciple women, you disciple the family and the community.”

With 36 years of experience and 35,000 leaders trained, GCM believes women most effectively reach other women for Jesus Christ. 


We agree.


Here is where the Crazy God Math applies.


GCM’s goal is to reach all women in the nation. They said if we come and equip 100 women trainers, the quick result will be 500 women trained.


Yes, 100 trainers equal 500 trainers in Ethiopia.


How is that possible? The 100 women leaders can attend the disciple-making training only if they each agree to train four other leaders upon returning home. Rapid disciple-making is part of the long-term discipleship training to reach all women in the country. Maybe the plan is actually not so crazy?


We were honored to be asked to attend this Ethiopia mission and train women to be disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ. By God’s grace and your prayers, we’re heading to Ethiopia September 16-28, 2018.


They’ve asked us to…

Ethiopia Women Worship at All in Conference Crazy God Math is produced.

  • Teach (2) three-day conferences
  • In two strategic locations in Ethiopia and…
  • Train 100 women leaders on how to be disciple-makers of Jesus Christ.

Interestingly, the women leaders are literate but do NOT own Bibles.


Our hope and prayer are not only to provide study Bibles in their language for the attendees but also to provide study Bibles for the women to give to the 400 other leaders they will train.


As an independent nonprofit organization, we need ministry partners to invest in this mission through prayer and financial support.


Please prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible donation to AIM (a 501c3 organization) at 4420 Hodges Blvd, Jacksonville, FL  32224 or online at


Your partnership helps women discover they are loved, valued, and have a purpose. When women are equipped to be disciple-makers, they not only change their families, but they also change the world.


I love that kind of Crazy God Math, don’t you?

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