Create a Fun Multi-Sensory Experience to Celebrate Easter

Fun idea for celebrating Easter 2022 . . .

Worship is a multisensory experience. As you read the Bible, you can visualize how believers sang songs, bowed in prayer, smelled incense, tasted the Lord’s Supper, offered tithes, and listened to teachings. 


You can create a multisensory Jesus-centered worship experience to celebrate Easter this year for your family. 


Use these ideas for celebrating Easter this year to teach your family about Jesus and why you celebrate Easter in a fun but, more importantly, memorable way—all it takes is a few household items.

Celebrate Easter Using Your Five Senses


1. Watch an Easter service together in person or online

Make this day extra special by dressing up to attend service with your faith family or go to a sunrise service. If you are housebound and need to watch online, sing along during musical worship. 


It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating Easter at home or in a church service filled with people, make a commitment to set this special day apart.


Follow along and read the passages in your Bible. Take notes during the sermon and tithe your offering. Bow your head in prayer and remember God’s immeasurable gift of salvation based on the finished work of Jesus.

2. Create a visual reminder of Jesus’s resurrection

Take a cloth, symbolizing strips of burial linen, and place it on a table. Fold another piece of fabric separately (John 20:6-7). 


The cloth can remind you that Jesus is not in burial clothing but alive! 


Families with young children can color Easter printables or make a “He is Risen!” sign. Older children can create an Easter book with one page depicting each day during Holy Week. Ask them to read one per day and draw an event from that day:


Day One / Page One:  Palm Sunday– Luke 19:28-44 

Day Two / Page Two:  Monday– Luke 19:45-48 

Day Three / Page Three:  Tuesday– Luke 20-21 

Day Four / Page Four:  Wednesday– Luke 22:1-6 or Matt. 27:62-66 

Day Five / Page Five:  Thursday– Luke 22:7-53 

Day Six / Page Six:  Friday– Luke 22:54-23:55 

Day Seven / Page Seven: Saturday– Luke 23:56 

Day Eight / Page Eight: Easter Sunday– Luke 24 or John 20

3. Watch an Easter movie

Celebrate Easter by watching a movie like The Gospel of John (a visual Bible of John’s Gospel), The Passion of the Christ, or for families with young kids, VeggieTales: An Easter Carol (all of which are currently available on Amazon Prime).


To celebrate Easter, create a different scent in your home to remind you that today is holy, set apart. 


Simmer potpourri on a stovetop or crockpot with 4 cups of water, 2-3 sliced citrus fruit, 1 TBSP vanilla, and 2-3 rosemary sprigs. Add water as needed. Or, place two capfuls of vanilla extract in an oven-safe dish for 1 hour at 300°.


1. Listen to worship music

If you are on Spotify, see All In’s Easter Sunday Playlist or play worship music about Jesus, His resurrection, and celebrate Easter by playing songs of praise. Playlist.

2. Listen to an audio Bible

Go to YouVersion and listen to the Passion accounts in all four gospels.

3. Listen for God’s voice

Find a quiet place and read the Bible (Gospel of John). Get started using the Abide Time tool.


(Out of respect to various Christian traditions, follow your church leadership’s approach to Communion. Important: Communion is an act of the gathered family of those who believe in Jesus, not for unbelievers.)  


Make unleavened Passover Bread (Matzah). Combine 2 cups + 2 TBSP flour with ½ tsp salt. Then add 1 cup cold water. Knead for 5 minutes. Form 7 balls then roll out into flat circles. Cook on a hot skillet for two minutes on each side.


1. Physically pray

Respond to Jesus’s death and resurrection using your body to help you express your feelings. A humble posture demonstrates a humble heart, so you might try kneeling before God (Psalm 95:6).

2. Create an empty tomb dish craft

For young children, help them create an empty tomb dish craft. Ask kids to collect a handful of grass, stones, sticks. Place in a dish. Assemble a cross with sticks and yarn/string. Use an empty eggshell as the empty tomb.

3. Connect and gather with others on Easter

If you can attend a gathering, celebrate Easter with other people.


If you can’t gather in person, gather online. Organize a Zoom or Google meet-up with friends and family to celebrate Easter.


Or call your loved ones—it’s easy and free to “touch base” to celebrate Easter together.


By using fun multi-sensory ideas to celebrate Easter, you are sharing the message of Jesus and making it memorable at the same time. 


Download our free printable full of these multi-sensory ideas for celebrating Easter 2022.

Celebrate Easter Using Your 5 Senses

Celebrate Easter 2022 with the intention and thought to honor and celebrate our Risen Lord and Savior and point your family and others to the sacrifice He made for us all.

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Create a Fun Multi-Sensory Experience to Celebrate Easter This Year |
Create a Fun Multi-Sensory Experience to Celebrate Easter This Year |

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