Highlights from 2019 at All In Ministries leads to 2020 spotlights

2019 Highlights Lead to 2020 Spotlights

Jesus took 30 years to prepare for his three-year public ministry. Every detail in his life was carefully orchestrated, as it is in yours. God does not stop “knitting us” after we leave our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). He prepares us for His purposes “until Christ is formed” in us (Galatians 4:19). This preparation timeline … Read more

One Verse Can Change the Game | All In Ministries Article

One Verse Can Change the Game

Do you believe one line of text on a page can change the trajectory of someone’s life? One of our Romanian leaders shared how God used one verse to lead her through His word and impact her at the AIM Conference.

Women at the All In Ethiopia Conference learning about God's love and disciple-making

Wrongs Made Right in Ethiopia

Their eyes widened, and backs straightened. We knew something we said surprised them. Body language often transcends cultural differences. But what was it? At the close of every AIM conference, we invite women to share testimonies of how God met them during our time together…


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