Family holding a Family Meeting

Family Meeting — Here’s an easy 4 step agenda!

Why is a family meeting important? Who needs another meeting, right?  If you’re in an organization or culture where people meet just to meet, I understand. Meetings can waste time.  But there are well-run meetings that make a difference. Goals are clear. Strategy is set. Everyone leaves the meeting knowing what they are doing on … Read more

How to Abide in Christ Girl Prays

How to Abide in Christ

What does the word “abide” mean to you? Maybe you think of a sense of duty or obligation, like a “law-abiding citizen.”  When it comes to “abiding in Christ,” it’s interesting to look at what abide means in the Greek language of the New Testament.  The Greek word for abide is menō, which means to … Read more

How to fast and pray FREE printable.

How to Fast and Pray

Churches and governments around the world are calling believers to fast and pray in response to the COVID-19 crisis. But how do we fast and pray?   Watch Susan Freese, ministry founder and president, share important do’s and don’ts to fasting in prayer.     In this quick lesson, Susan shares inspiring stories, as well … Read more

3 Steps for Christians during Coronavirus Crisis

3 Steps for Christians During Coronavirus Crisis

Whether you realize it or not, every day you answer the following questions: 1. What do I believe about God? 2. What do I believe about myself? Yes, theology and identity decisions influence every part of your life. This is especially true in times of crisis, such as the coronavirus crisis. The coronavirus crisis is … Read more

Free Resources and 3 Reasons for Discipling Under-Resourced Women as women in Egypt learn disciple-making skills.

Free Resources and 3 Reasons for Discipling Under-Resourced Women

The most neglected part of the Great Commission is Jesus’ instruction to “teach them to obey all I have commanded” (Matt. 28:20). Conversion by the power of the Holy Spirit is only the beginning. Teaching Jesus’ complete commission changes our perspectives and priorities. Ultimately, His truth transforms our lives. Sadly, many women around the world have … Read more

One Woman who started a Womens Conference Two Weeks after we left.

She led her first disciple-making conference

One month after the mission to Liberia, our first in-country All In Ministries (AIM) Champion LED HER FIRST AIM CONFERENCE!!! We were astonished when she contacted us to share the good news, but that is not all that happened. Jainie shared…

All In Ministries Seven Countries Represented from Eastern Europe

Giving to YOU

By God’s grace and your support, AIM reached thousands of women this year. We asked how we can bless you for the blessing you’ve been to us? Let’s host a Gratefulness Gathering!! So, we did. The night was memorable as we gave God glory and shared the vision for 2018….


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