Women praying together and how you can pray for an upcoming mission.

Seven Ways To Pray for an Upcoming Mission

Would you like to leave a lasting legacy?

You may be thinking: What can I do? I’m a stay-at-home mom busy with little ones. I work full-time and struggle with the basics of life. I’m a college student and I can’t get classwork completed between classes and my part-time job. So how can I help women I’ll never meet, in a country halfway around the world? You can make a difference no matter where you are or what you are doing with this seven-fold prayer strategy…

Not Just About Underwear All In

Mama, It’s All About the Underwear

When our bouncy boys were younger, my daily goal was three-fold: keep them alive until bedtime, love them, and teach them about Jesus. That’s it. That was enough. Most days, I don’t think I did those three things well.

These days, my parenting style is like kite-flying…

Women gather together in South Africa for the All In Womens Conference

Stop and recognize International Women’s Day – You won’t believe why!

I was shocked and embarrassed at what I had done. Dishonoring our country. Disregarding the sacrifice of so many who died. All unintentional. It was D-day – National Donut Day – or so I had been lured into the marketing spin of a free donut.

As my family and I were munching on a warm, sweet treat, I post our silliness to Facebook. Then, it happened. An older friend responded, “I’m surprised at you, Susan.” What? Why? Surprised I have…

Orphans Heart VP and COO greets children in Uganda

Lord, (do not) send me to Africa

In the 1980s T.V. commercials with Sally Struthers pleading with listeners to save African children from starvation were unavoidable. For only $.70 a day, a child could be rescued from starvation she said. Picture after picture of extremely malnourished children swarmed by flies would appear. As a young girl mesmerized by those images, my heart … Read more

India Cross on a Rooftop

What would you do if your husband called you ugly?

“How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” Romans 10:15 She walked to the front of the conference room wrapped in her beautiful sari.   We were in Northern India and outdoors it was 110 degrees. Yet, inside the women were clustered together with rapt attention. None of us wanted this … Read more

Women gather in Kanpur to learn how to be disciple-makers and share God's story with others.

How far would you go to grow?

They came from all over the state and risked so much – slept on concrete floors in 110 degrees Fahrenheit heat.  Some were beaten for attending. Others lost jobs and were mocked. Yet, they still came. Women leaders representing who knows how many house churches were there.   They came to learn…to grow in their … Read more

Womens Conference in Kanpur gets underway

Reached Kanpur

It took a quick plane ride and a long road trip, but we finally reached Kanpur, the location of the second women’s conference.   We are THRILLED  to be back here and reunite with dear friends and ministry leaders!   Tonight the conference kicked off with a worship service and teaching time, followed by a … Read more