Seven Ways To Pray for an Upcoming Mission

Would you like to leave a lasting legacy?

You may be thinking: What can I do? I’m a stay-at-home mom busy with little ones. I work full-time and struggle with the basics of life. I’m a college student and I can’t get classwork completed between classes and my part-time job. So how can I help women I’ll never meet, in a country halfway around the world? You can make a difference no matter where you are or what you are doing with this seven-fold prayer strategy…

Basketball Tournaments and a Perspective Shift

Ahh, springtime. The sun is setting later, flowers are blooming, and the sound of referee whistles and tennis shoes squeaking across a gym floor have been filling the air. March Madness, a time that fans of college basketball have been waiting for since last March, concludes tonight with the men’s national championship game of NCAA college basketball.

My husband and I are big fans of college sports. I grew up watching the Kentucky Wildcats play basketball and listening to my parents applaud wildly at every basket our team made…

Mama, It’s All About the Underwear

When our bouncy boys were younger, my daily goal was three-fold: keep them alive until bedtime, love them, and teach them about Jesus. That’s it. That was enough. Most days, I don’t think I did those three things well.

These days, my parenting style is like kite-flying…

Stop and recognize International Women’s Day – You won’t believe why!

I was shocked and embarrassed at what I had done. Dishonoring our country. Disregarding the sacrifice of so many who died. All unintentional. It was D-day – National Donut Day – or so I had been lured into the marketing spin of a free donut.

As my family and I were munching on a warm, sweet treat, I post our silliness to Facebook. Then, it happened. An older friend responded, “I’m surprised at you, Susan.” What? Why? Surprised I have…

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How far would you go to grow?

Extra, extra read all about it!

IMG_1751Kanpur papers covered the conference with one of the headlines quoting, “Peace with God comes only through Jesus.” Yes! (If nothing else happens on this trip, a couple million people were exposed to that article headline.)

Many men and women came to the evening kickoff and women returned to the first full day conference. Although targeted to Christian women, 10 prayed for the first time to receive forgiveness from sin and new life through “Jesus Christ only.” Given the Hindu culture, we must be clear that Jesus is not to be added to all their other gods.

We hosted a Q&A session at the end of the day and fielded questions ranging from family issues and martial problems to theological and evangelism challenges. Indian women are so smart…regardless of caste!

The conference is going well, but the heat makes things challenging. It’s roughly 102 degrees with no A/C and a large crowd in the training room.

Please continue to pray for the women. Many struggle with unbelieving spouses and persecution from Hindu relatives and neighbors. Please also pray for the revival Friday night…and health and strength to persevere in the heat.

Thank you!

Reached Kanpur


It took a quick plane ride and a long road trip, but we finally reached Kanpur, the location of the second women’s conference.  We are THRILLED  to be back here and reunite with dear friends and ministry leaders!  Tonight the conference kicked off with a worship service and teaching time, followed by a group dinner. Tomorrow will be the first full day of the conference. Thank you for thinking of these kind and generous ladies, and for praying on their behalf! More to come so stay tuned!