Roaring the Name of Jesus in the Roaring Twenties

One hundred years ago, the 20s were called the “Roaring Twenties.” War had ended, the economy was booming, and new styles in music, clothing, and art emerged.  Sadly, everything changed in the 30s.  Known as the “Dirty Thirties,” this decade was marked by economic calamity, in part because of the severe dust storms, which lengthened … Read more

Highlights from 2019 at All In Ministries leads to 2020 spotlights

2019 Highlights Lead to 2020 Spotlights

Jesus took 30 years to prepare for his three-year public ministry. Every detail in his life was carefully orchestrated, as it is in yours. God does not stop “knitting us” after we leave our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). He prepares us for His purposes “until Christ is formed” in us (Galatians 4:19). This preparation timeline … Read more

Looking forward to 2020 with a new direction in All In Minitries.

Looking forward to 2020

Have you heard Susan’s one-minute ministry update? You don’t want to miss this new ministry approach.   Discipleship poverty is massive. God is leading us into this new strategy to reach under-resourced women worldwide with the gospel. Partner with Us in 2020 We are so thankful for everyone who partnered with us for #givingtuesday2019. … Read more


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