How to Abide in Christ Girl Prays

How to Abide in Christ

What does the word “abide” mean to you? Maybe you think of a sense of duty or obligation, like a “law-abiding citizen.”  When it comes to “abiding in Christ,” it’s interesting to look at what abide means in the Greek language of the New Testament.  The Greek word for abide is menō, which means to … Read more

3 Steps for Christians during Coronavirus Crisis

3 Steps for Christians During Coronavirus Crisis

Whether you realize it or not, every day you answer the following questions: 1. What do I believe about God? 2. What do I believe about myself? Yes, theology and identity decisions influence every part of your life. This is especially true in times of crisis. Coronavirus is a global threat uniting our globe. We, … Read more

Love Lesson for Valentine’s Day

After reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan years ago, I decided to take his advice and place our names in the passage for 1 Corinthians 13.  I used this approach for my young sons to turn Valentine’s Day into a discipleship lesson on love. The fill-in-the-blank printout I created went like this: _______________ is patient.  … Read more

Roaring the Name of Jesus in the Roaring Twenties

One hundred years ago, the 20s were called the “Roaring Twenties.” War had ended, the economy was booming, and new styles in music, clothing, and art emerged.  Sadly, everything changed in the 30s.  Known as the “Dirty Thirties,” this decade was marked by economic calamity, in part because of the severe dust storms, which lengthened … Read more

Lessons Learned Short Term Missions

Lessons Learned from the Best Worst Summer

It all happened so fast…
Broken window.
Washer overflowed and flooded 70% of our home.
Youngest son jumped out of a window of a church camp bus engulfed with flames on the side of a highway.
Air Conditioner broke from the dry-out of our house flood.
Family vacation (the “best” part of the Best Worst Summer).
Emergency room visit for stitches.
Unwelcomed shark encounter.
Teenage attitudes. (Need I say more on that one?)
And the worst…four funerals of dearly loved friends and family.

While our personal life felt like a roller-coaster ride with harrowing twists and turns, the ministry was facing significant challenges of its own with unexplainable software migration issues and more.

We felt beaten up on all sides from life’s crazy ride. Someone humorously said to me, “Susan, instead of saying ‘Jesus is enough,’ you should say, ‘Jesus that’s enough!’”


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