Gods Perfect Timing on display as Ethiopian Women are equipped to be disciple-makers for Jesus.

350 Women Reach More than 7,000 with the Gospel

God’s perfect timing on display. Women across Ethiopia organized a three-day outreach campaign just before COVID-19 hit their country. Our All In Ministries in-country leader, Aster, was among the group of women leaders from Great Commission Ministries to fast and pray for spiritual awakening.   They asked God for 300 courageous women to rise up, … Read more

Women at the All In Ethiopia Conference learning about God's love and disciple-making

Wrongs Made Right in Ethiopia

Their eyes widened, and backs straightened. We knew something we said surprised them. Body language often transcends cultural differences. But what was it? At the close of every AIM conference, we invite women to share testimonies of how God met them during our time together…

Ethiopia Women Worship and crazy God math happens

Crazy God Math in Ethiopia

Have you ever volunteered at a nonprofit or ministry and, after serving, you felt like you were the one who was served?  You show up at a food pantry or the Boys and Girls Club to help others, but on your way out the door you discover you were the one who was blessed through serving. You volunteer to fill a role in the student ministry at your church, but in return you were filled. Something soul-stirring takes place after you give of yourself. You planned to give, but you received instead. Know the feeling? I call that Crazy God Math…


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