Can God Change My Life?

Can God change my life?

Yes, He can change your life. I know because God changed my life.


At a young age, I remember having an authentic, genuine love for Jesus. I trusted Him for my salvation. But I did not know how to trust him for my everyday life. 


With a weak theology, I was easily swayed by the things of this world. I went after degrees, accomplishments, and career. In my late twenties, I had achieved what the world would consider success, yet I was restless and joyless—completely miserable

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It wasn’t until a season of suffering that I was awakened to my need for more of God. It seemed like I was walking through “the valley of the shadow of death” with the unexpected loss of my father, staff reductions at work, and infertility. 


Month after month, we’d ask God for a baby or to remove the desire for children. By God’s grace, I eventually became pregnant. I thought having a baby was going to “complete” me. (I didn’t know that a person cannot “complete” another persononly an intimate friendship with God can truly satisfy all our longings and desires.) 


Sadly, I ended up in deep postpartum depression right after giving birth. The simplest decisions became hard. I felt like I fell into a pit of despair and did not know how to get out. 

I knew the answers were in the Bible, but I didn't know how to retrieve them.

I was Biblically illiteratespiritually immature. 


When I opened my Bible, I landed on the book of Ecclesiastes, and thought it was a short read. I thought I could read it in one sitting, but I did not get past the first page, or past the first chapter. 


Ecclesiastes starts by explaining how life is meaningless.  At that point, I shut the Bible, and I cried out to God agreeing how life is meaningless. I said, “What I do doesn’t matter. I don’t even know why you let me live. I make no difference at all.” 


The book of Ecclesiastes reveals later how life is meaningless without a relationship with God. But I did not continue reading past the first few paragraphs to learn this truth.


With my poor interpretation of Scripture, God sent someone to talk with me—it was a divine appointment


I was in a store a few days later when a man I had never met before, and have never seen since, approached me. He said, “I have a message from God. He says, ‘What you do matters. What you do makes a difference. You’re appreciated and loved.'” (Watch the video above for more details.)


I was numb—those were the exact words I cried out to God.  


Later that evening, I remember shutting the bedroom door, kneeling on floor, and crying out to God knowing He sees me. 


He heard me. 


Eventually I prayed, “what is it Jesus that you want to do in and through my life?”  I can tell you God beautifully and graciously answered that question.

That is when my life radically and fundamentally changed.

Can God Change My Life ... Yes He Can, Susan Freese |

Have you asked, "Can God change my life?"

Maybe you think, “God could never change me.” Or, “I don’t know how to reconnect with God.”


Let’s remember how everything started. Let’s go back to the beginning of Bible. 


God designed you to be an image-bearer (Gen. 1:27), which means you are made to worship, create, think, know, and experience God—to love and enjoy Him and to receive His love.


This change is possible, but it starts with turning from our ways and choosing to trust God and believing what He says in His Word.


If you are wondering “can God change my life,” invite Jesus to take over. This is the start of your transformed life, but there is more. 


You’ll want to learn how to have a daily, life-giving relationship with God through the Holy Spirit, based on the finished work of Jesus. You’ll want to trust Jesus not only for your salvation, but also for your everyday life.

If you’re looking for a guide
to help you reconnect with God or to grow in your faith, read Your True Story: The 50-Day Essential Guide To Your New Life With Jesus


Can God change my life? Change is possible if you allow Jesus to lead you. Know He is good, and He has a divine purpose for your life. Because “What you do matters. What you do makes a difference. You are appreciated and loved.”

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  1. Great conversation with Spike.
    How is the translation into Spanish moving forward? What can I do to help that? What will it take money wise?
    I appreciate all that you are doing.

    1. Thank you Bill! That’s great—I will pass this message on to the team so we will get in touch with you about that. Thank you for asking, wanting to help, and look forward to connecting with you!

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