4 Perks to Joining Our Book Launch Team

The new book we're looking to release in the coming months is more than a book.

It’s a mission to get the gospel and faith essentials into the hands of new believers (and those exploring Christianity).


As you might imagine, a lot of work goes into successfully launching a book, especially a gospel-centered tool. We simply cannot do it alone. We have too many ideas, and we need your help implementing them.


But this is no ordinary book (see “Why A Book for New Believers?”), so this is no ordinary book launch. Let us explain.


Many projects are crowd-sourced, but we’re going to do something different with this book, and we’re excited about it.

All book proceeds will go to the translation and free distribution of this book in developing nations.

We’re working out the details to sell this book with a Buy One, Gift One approach.


For every book purchased in a Western context (here in the USA for phase one), we will give a translated version to an under-resourced believer in a developing country.


In some cases, more than one copy per book sold will be made available via eBooks where electronic readers/devises are used. The key is to first fund the translation.


We can only do this because of God’s grace and our monthly Change Partners and donors who have made this financially possible. Yes, we have seed money to start work on a few translations as soon as it is finalized. PRAISE GOD! But we’ll need to sell the book here to finish the translation work (it’s expensive to complete translations correctly).


As you can tell, this launch group is going to be special. This is not a mission to rank on a best-selling chart. (Naturally, we’d be thrilled if we did.)


This is about getting disciple-making resources into the hands of those without them. The gospel is spreading rapidly across the world, but discipleship (the teaching and obeying part of the Great Commission) is not widespread. Believers do not know all of God’s story, or that they are loved unconditionally and have a divine purpose.


That’s why we’re planning on pouring everything we have into getting this message out there. We’re also going to experiment with some innovative book promotion ideas, which you’ll see first-hand.


Plus, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Book Launch Team Perks

Launch Team Perks

If you sign up to join the Bible Study Launch Team, here’s what we’ll provide you:

1. 30+ years of faith lessons reading an advanced electronic copy (PDF or eBook) of the typeset manuscript. You’ll have this before anyone else.


2. Access to the All In team in a private Facebook group (We are . . . All In):

3. An opportunity to be “on mission.” Your help to promote the book promotes the gospel. After “Week One—God’s Story,” there is a clear gospel invitation. Spreading this message to a broader audience provides this invitation to those exploring Christianity.


4. Prayer coverage. We will be praying for you and this disciple-making mission. Yes, we welcome your personal prayer requests. It is a privilege to pray for you in a specific way.

What we’re asking from you

Just as we have four “perks” to offer you, we have four “asks” of you:

1. Write a short review on Amazon—good or not so good.


2. Spread the word on social media, emails, group networks during the launch week and beyond (aiming for the end of Oct/Nov).


3. Interact with the rest of the launch team and participate in the community to help come up with promotion ideas (we’re open to experimenting).


4. Pray for each other and this mission. Your prayers are powerful and, woven with prayers across oceans and cultures, can change lives.

We’re going to be “all in” for this launch. If you have the time and energy to be “all in” as well, please sign up by emailing us here or contact [at] allinmin [dot] org (spelled out to avoid spamers).


Our goal is for God to be greatly glorified from the fruit of this new believer’s book.


You can be on mission with us by joining the launch team. I personally invite you, and thank you in advance for your partnership. “Not to us, LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness” Psalm 115:1.

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  1. Thanks for having me!! What can I do, to be more specific? I want to be a productive as I can to promote and distribute this new book.


    1. We are so excited you are on the book launch team! We will be sending out an email this week with more, and can’t wait to get started. It is so exciting!!

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