Are You Having a Slingshot Year?

Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. We were weary of navigating a sea of infrastructure issues…


Database management
IRS nonprofit reporting
Legal trademark/copyright filing
Accounting software integration
CRM selection and customization
File management
HR processes
I.T. email/web/domain migration and much, much more.


In other words, we were drowning in lots of hard (in my opinion – not fun) work.


As I was praying late one night at home with piles of work stacked around me, a slingshot came to mind. “God, are you trying to tell me something?”


“A slingshot?”


Then it hit! God is pulling All In back, like a slingshot, to go forward – farther and faster!


Yes! We were being stretched, but the pulling back was for a purpose. God was laying a foundation so many more could get involved to make an eternal, generational impact.


Shortly after being encouraged by this slingshot idea, I receive a message from Jainie, our in-country All In champion in Liberia. She shared with me how she’s hosted more All In conferences, even during the hard summer months. PRAISE GOD!!!


It’s all worth it!


Yes, Jesus is worth all the hard work. If we want to reach 197 countries to disciple forgotten, oppressed, rejected, marginalized women who are hungry to know God and live their purpose, we need to persevere.


Maybe you’re having a slingshot year, too?


Are you a mom with a child who requires so much attention that it’s difficult to make it through the day?
Are you a student enduring a grueling semester workload?

Are you a pastor leading a fall growth campaign?

Are you a business professional trying to meet and exceed your BHAG CFOs?
Maybe you’re making renovations to your home or renovations to your health and the new routine/diet is torture.


Yes, this season is stretching you. In the end, when God stretches you, you will go forward – farther and faster.


Abide, my friend. It’s a slingshot year.


Blog Slingshot

P.S. All In recently gave out slingshot gifts and seed bombs to some of our All In ministry partners and volunteers. These faithful folks are the bomb! They’ve planted seeds in All In and the seeds have grown. Through their All In partnership, thousands of marginalized women discovered they are loved, valued, and have a purpose to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We’d love to partner with you, too! You can learn more or get involved at

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