Looking forward to 2020 with a new direction in All In Minitries.

Looking forward to 2020

Have you heard Susan’s one-minute ministry update? You don’t want to miss this new ministry approach.   Discipleship poverty is massive. God is leading us into this new strategy to reach under-resourced women worldwide with the gospel.  https://youtu.be/AOSkvsrS4UI Partner with Us in 2020 We are so thankful for everyone who partnered with us for #givingtuesday2019. … Read more

Free Resources and 3 Reasons for Discipling Under-Resourced Women as women in Egypt learn disciple-making skills.

Free Resources and 3 Reasons for Discipling Under-Resourced Women

The most neglected part of the Great Commission is Jesus’ instruction to “teach them to obey all I have commanded” (Matt. 28:20). Conversion by the power of the Holy Spirit is only the beginning. Teaching Jesus’ complete commission changes our perspectives and priorities. Ultimately, His truth transforms our lives. Sadly, many women around the world have … Read more

Letter from Susan

LETTER FROM THE FOUNDER All Nations • All Women • All In Hello, my name is Susan Freese…it’s great to meet you! If you’re new here, welcome to All In. This site is dedicated to building awareness of worldwide discipleship poverty and equipping women to eliminate it.   If you’re like most believers, you desire … Read more

Know and Share Jesus Womens Discipleship Ministry Women Gather at All In Ministries Ethiopia Conference

Our Story

OUR STORY & HOW IT ALL BEGAN Why we focus on equipping under-resourced women The Movement Started Unintentionally With one step of obedience it all began… We answered the call to go – first to the Mayan jungle, then to South Asia. Local leaders responded. . . Women! There are many women! They need more … Read more

Workshop Experience

ON-SITE DISCIPLE-MAKING WORKSHOP FOR WOMEN YOU SERVE Lives transformed • Generations changed • Communities reached STEP 1 YOU PRAY. GOD ANSWERS. You’re a missionary or a ministry leader with a desire to reach women and equip leaders. You let us know of your interest and we gladly send you more information.   You pray. You … Read more

Partner Missions

TOGETHER LET’S REACH THE WHOLE CHURCH WITH THE WHOLE GOSPEL All Nations • All Women • All In Partner Missions Why we want to help you Life and missions can be hard.   You want to serve women in your mission field, but you don’t have the resources to serve them effectively.   Perhaps cultural … Read more

Online Course

YOU CAN PROVIDECROSS-CULTURAL DISCIPLESHIP WORKSHOPS We can help “Teaching them to obey all that I have commanded.” -Jesus God is working around the world. He’s invited you to join him. We’ll equip you with tools for cross-cultural discipleship at home and abroad. You can take this training wherever you go.   Through video segments, downloadable … Read more


WOMEN NEED WOMEN Hear women’s stories to inspire yours WE TRAIN WOMEN TO CHANGE THE WORLD BY BECOMING DISCIPLE-MAKERS OF JESUS  All honorariums go to support international disciple-making training for women. WORKSHOPS Practical and interactive seminars and workshops equip believers. CONFERENCES Conference speaking motivates and mobilizes believers for global disciple-making. TEACHING Customized messages  are biblically … Read more

Disciple Making Movement

YOU + ALL IN + LOCAL CHURCH = CHANGE You can reach women & equip leaders around the world JOIN THE DISCIPLE MAKING MOVEMENT We are…All In. You can be, too. Most women worldwide have never been told they are loved or valued. They are hungry to learn about Jesus, but don’t have access to … Read more

One Verse Can Change the Game | All In Ministries Article

One Verse Can Change the Game

Do you believe one line of text on a page can change the trajectory of someone’s life? One of our Romanian leaders shared how God used one verse to lead her through His word and impact her at the AIM Conference.


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