5 Ways to Pray for Unreached People Groups [Where All In is Serving Next]

Did you know that there are 7,407 Unreached People Groups (UPGs) in the world at this very moment . . .

What exactly is an Unreached People Group (UPG)?


An unreached people group is a group of people or a distinct ethnic culture that generally includes less than 2% of a Christian influence and does not have the resources to spread the Gospel. While there may be Christians present in these groups, there is such a minimal number compared to the group’s population.*


What’s shocking is only 1% of missions giving goes toward reaching UPGs!** That’s one reason why All In Ministries International exists. 


All In Ministries focuses on equipping women to disciple other women cross-culturally. We help women embrace the call to global disciple-making, equip them to go, and go ourselves. Read why teaching women to be disciple makers is essential to accessing these unreached groups of people.


You can help right now by praying for Unreached People Groups.

5 ideas to get started with praying for unreached people groups:

1-Use the Joshua Project’s Prayer Guides.


2-You can download a global prayer app like  Operation World or Unreached People of the Day.


3-Get the kids involved with Prayer Card Games or print out these prayer cards to place in your Bible to remind you to pray every day.


4-Pray for an unreached people group in your daily mealtime prayers and/or weekly discipleship gatherings. Praying as a family at mealtimes or in weekly gatherings is another way to teach others about disciple-making and how to make a global impact through prayer intercession.

5-You could pick one day a week or month to fast and pray for an unreached people group. Learn how to fast and pray here.

We can all pray for what Jesus asked—for more disciple makers:

Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field” (Luke 10:2).


Set an alarm on your phone for 10:02 a.m. and use it as a reminder to ask God to “send out workers.” The more workers or as we call them “disciple makers” worldwide, the more people learn about God’s gift of salvation through Jesus. God prepares the harvest, we just need to ask, go, and share. 

All In is going to Kenya and Uganda in June 2022!

Pray for unreached people groups as All In prepares to go to Kenya and Uganda for a double mission and women's conferences.

As we prepare for our mission and women’s conferences in both countries—here is a list of unreached people groups you can pray for.

Pray for these Unreached People Groups in Kenya and Uganda:


Natural NamePopulation
Hadrami Arab13000
Kenyan Arab15000
Omani Arab28000
Yemeni Arab37000
Gujarati Creole2100
Kenyan Gujarati217000
Mijikenda, Digo459000
Garre Oromo787000
Sakuye Oromo28000
Ajuran Somali238000
Bantu Somali113000
Bengali-speaking South Asian1600
Coastal Swahili116000


Ugandan Gujarati479000
Ugandan Hindi5900

Let’s pray for all the people of Kenya and Uganda to hear the name and message of Jesus.

Do you have any ideas for praying for unreached people groups that we didn’t mention? Comment below—we would love to know.

*UPG data gathered from JoshuaProject’s list tool, visit the JoshuaProject for more information.
**Percentage of missions “giving” statistic from Radical.net


5 Ways to Pray for Unreached People Groups and where All In is serving next | allinmin.org
5 Ways to Pray for Unreached People Groups and where All In is serving next | allinmin.org

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