All In Ministries International Celebrating International Women's Day

International Women’s Day 2019

Are you counting the days until International Women’s Day on March 8th?

No? Maybe you haven’t heard of it.

You’re not alone. Many Americans are not aware of this holiday which originated in the USA more than 100 years ago.

Worldwide, however, International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries like Mother’s Day is here in the United States – cards, small gifts, and extra hugs exchanged generously.

The beautiful difference is all women are honored; not just mothers. No one is left out. That’s why we here at All In Ministries International love it so much. Let’s appreciate and recognize all women.

All In Ministries Romania Abide Conference 2017 Romanian Women Learning about God

This year, International Women’s Day will be remembered differently for AIM.

We were invited months ago to celebrate International Women’s Day in Romania by offering an AIM training conference.

We smiled knowing the purpose of the holiday is to make a positive difference in a woman’s life. What greater impact can one make in a woman’s life but by helping her discover she is loved, valued, and has a purpose to make disciples of Jesus, and then equipping her to know Him well and share Him with others?

Most women around the world have never been taught these concepts. When these truths hit deep into a woman’s soul, her identity is changed. She brings positive difference not only to her family, but also to her tribe or village. The result is the same as when Jesus ministered to the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4). They drop everything to tell everyone. The gospel is advanced, and people encounter Jesus.

AIM International Women's Day

The world changes.

As we count down the days until International Women’s Day on March 8th, the first day of the training conference in Romania, we invite you to consider how you can make a positive difference in a woman’s life.

Be intentional.

Love women well.

Share Jesus with a woman…and she might just change the world.

P.S. Would you please pray for the upcoming mission on March 5-16 as we teach intensive discipleship conferences in Romania and Hungary. We’re so grateful for your ministry partnership through prayer.

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