Exciting 2021 Highlights—Let’s Equip More Women And Reach The 10/40 Window

As you reflect on 2021 and prepare for 2022, you may notice the world looks a lot different than it did pre-pandemic. 


From social gatherings to work dynamics, culture changed everywhere, even spiritually—or can we truly say, “everywhere changed spiritually?” 


While the pandemic brought “normal” operations to a stop in most places, a large portion of the world stayed the same spiritually—they have NEVER heard the message of Jesus.

Have you heard of the 10/40 Window?

Between 10 degrees latitude north and 40 degrees latitude north of the equator sits a rectangular area known as the 10/40 Window. Stretching from North Africa across the Middle East and Asia, the 10/40 Window contains roughly two-thirds of the world’s total population. 


Currently, approximately 3.28 BILLION people live in unreached people groups, and 3.16 BILLION of these people live within the 10/40 Window.*  


Also commonly referred to as “The Resistant Belt,” the 10/40 Window is home to the least evangelized people on earth–mostly followers of predominately one of three religions: Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism.* 


Sadly, many of the people in the 10/40 Window live under governments directly opposed to Christianity or Christian resources of any kind. According to the Joshua Project, the top 50 least evangelized cities with more than a million residents are all located in this area.


How can we reach them when there is no access to Christian resources, and some countries are closed to outside Christians?


We need to equip more women to be disciple makers of Jesus.


All In’s mission is to equip local women to cross cultures as disciple makers. We want to provide free resources where Christian resources are limited or non-existent.

10/40 Window — what is it and where is the 10/40 Window | allinmin.org

Why Women?

In most cultures, women are the “keepers of the religion,” passing on their faith to children and friends within their communities. Women can go where men can not . . .

"When we go to an unreached people group, we ask God to send us a person of peace. The majority of the time, God sends a woman to reach the village." "Why?" we asked. "Men go in and want to show power, but women go in and can work effectively very quickly."

With over 41.8%* of the world still living in an unreached population, it is urgent to equip indigenous women to go to places Westerners can not.

Imagine the impact of equipping women to be disciple makers in the 10/40 Window.

We have witnessed firsthand the impact on communities where women are equipping women to be disciple makers of Jesus.


While All In’s overseas travel came to a sudden halt during the pandemic, God never stopped moving. Women equipped with our online disciple making training shared the Gospel in their communities, including women in the 10/40 window. 


God also used our time to advance the Gospel locally in our “Jerusalem” and “Judea” (Acts 1:8).

Here are just a few of the 2021 highlights for All In Ministries:

  • Weekly discipleship calls and meetings with new believers

  • Monthly and bi-monthly All In Trainer coaching

  • Local disciple-making training with local ministries

  • Disciple making training classes & speaking events at churches 

  • College speaking events

  • Online training videos and articles for disciple making

  • Printable resources for disciple making and discipleship

  • New All In trainer (Eastern Europe)

  • New missionary partner (Kenya)

  • Expanded our outreach with new volunteers and new ministry partners

. . . and we LAUNCHED OUR BIBLE STUDY BOOK, Your True Story, which is written for a worldwide audience and currently in the process of being translated into five languages (and counting). 


Your True Story is also a mission—each copy sold provides a free copy to an under-resourced believer in a developing nation. In 2021, we were ecstatic to gift even more books than were sold because of our new international connections.


Most importantly, by God’s grace and your prayers, lives changed through these disciple making efforts, both locally and globally, ALL FOR HIS GLORY! 


Moving forward in 2022, we’ve been invited to serve women in Kenya and are in talks with possible partner missions in four additional countries.


We will continue the local training, weekly discipleship meetings, and coaching calls this year even when overseas training fires back up.

How can you help?

One way—you can pray for All In Ministries as we start 2022.

  1. Pray for wisdom and direction in strategy, ministry partnerships, and execution of large-scale projects.

  2. Pray for our trainers/students to take what they’ve learned and pass it on (be doers, not only hearers [James 1:22]).

  3. Pray for additional Monthly Change Partners to help us equip women worldwide. You can even share the ministry on your social media platforms to help build awareness.

More ways you can help and be All In with us in 2022 . . .

  1. Be a Disciple Maker—see how you can spread God’s love to a love-starved world.


  2. Be a Trainer—you can be a leader in your country and equip others to share Jesus.

  3. Be a Missions Partner—we can serve alongside you to equip women to become disciple makers.

Let’s equip women to disciple women cross-culturally. 


Together, we can change the landscape of the 10/40 Window and the rest of the world.


Are you All In?

*Global statistic from the Joshua Project and Wikipedia’s stats on the 10/40 Window


10/40 Window — what is it and where is the 10/40 Window | allinmin.org
10/40 Window — what is it and where is the 10/40 Window | allinmin.org

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